Instructions for aiohttp admins

This page is intended to document certain processes for admins of the aiohttp repository. For regular contributors, return to Contributing.

Creating a new release


The example commands assume that origin refers to the aio-libs repository.

To create a new release:

  1. Start on the branch for the release you are planning (e.g. 3.8 for v3.8.6): git checkout 3.8 && git pull

  2. Update the version number in

  3. Run towncrier.

  4. Check and cleanup the changes in CHANGES.rst.

  5. Checkout a new branch: e.g. git checkout -b release/v3.8.6

  6. Commit and create a PR. Once PR is merged, continue.

  7. Go back to the release branch: e.g. git checkout 3.8 && git pull

  8. Add a tag: e.g. git tag -a v3.8.6 -m 'Release 3.8.6'

  9. Push the tag: e.g. git push origin v3.8.6

  10. Monitor CI to ensure release process completes without errors.

Once released, we need to complete some cleanup steps (no further steps are needed for non-stable releases though). If doing a patch release, we need to do the below steps twice, first merge into the newer release branch (e.g. 3.8 into 3.9) and then to master (e.g. 3.9 into master). If a new minor release, then just merge to master.

  1. Switch to target branch: e.g. git checkout 3.9 && git pull

  2. Start a merge: e.g. git merge 3.8 --no-commit --no-ff --gpg-sign

  3. Carefully review the changes and revert anything that should not be included (most things outside the changelog).

  4. To ensure change fragments are cleaned up properly, run: python tools/

  5. Commit the merge (must be a normal merge commit, not squashed).

  6. Push the branch directly to Github (because a PR would get squashed). When pushing, you may get a rejected message. Follow these steps to resolve:

  1. Checkout to a new branch and push: e.g. git checkout -b do-not-merge && git push

  2. Open a draft PR with a title of ‘DO NOT MERGE’.

  3. Once the CI has completed on that branch, you should be able to switch back and push the target branch (as tests have passed on the merge commit now).

  4. This should automatically consider the PR merged and delete the temporary branch.

Back on the original release branch, bump the version number and append .dev0 in

If doing a minor release:

  1. Create a new release branch for future features to go to: e.g. git checkout -b 3.10 3.9 && git push

  2. Update target-branch for Dependabot to reference the new branch name in .github/dependabot.yml.

  3. Delete the older backport label (e.g. backport-3.8):

  4. Add a new backport label (e.g. backport-3.10).