Source code for aiohttp.formdata

import io
import warnings
from typing import Any, Iterable, List, Optional
from urllib.parse import urlencode

from multidict import MultiDict, MultiDictProxy

from . import hdrs, multipart, payload
from .helpers import guess_filename
from .payload import Payload

__all__ = ("FormData",)

[docs] class FormData: """Helper class for form body generation. Supports multipart/form-data and application/x-www-form-urlencoded. """ def __init__( self, fields: Iterable[Any] = (), quote_fields: bool = True, charset: Optional[str] = None, ) -> None: self._writer = multipart.MultipartWriter("form-data") self._fields: List[Any] = [] self._is_multipart = False self._is_processed = False self._quote_fields = quote_fields self._charset = charset if isinstance(fields, dict): fields = list(fields.items()) elif not isinstance(fields, (list, tuple)): fields = (fields,) self.add_fields(*fields) @property def is_multipart(self) -> bool: return self._is_multipart
[docs] def add_field( self, name: str, value: Any, *, content_type: Optional[str] = None, filename: Optional[str] = None, content_transfer_encoding: Optional[str] = None, ) -> None: if isinstance(value, io.IOBase): self._is_multipart = True elif isinstance(value, (bytes, bytearray, memoryview)): msg = ( "In v4, passing bytes will no longer create a file field. " "Please explicitly use the filename parameter or pass a BytesIO object." ) if filename is None and content_transfer_encoding is None: warnings.warn(msg, DeprecationWarning) filename = name type_options: MultiDict[str] = MultiDict({"name": name}) if filename is not None and not isinstance(filename, str): raise TypeError( "filename must be an instance of str. " "Got: %s" % filename ) if filename is None and isinstance(value, io.IOBase): filename = guess_filename(value, name) if filename is not None: type_options["filename"] = filename self._is_multipart = True headers = {} if content_type is not None: if not isinstance(content_type, str): raise TypeError( "content_type must be an instance of str. " "Got: %s" % content_type ) headers[hdrs.CONTENT_TYPE] = content_type self._is_multipart = True if content_transfer_encoding is not None: if not isinstance(content_transfer_encoding, str): raise TypeError( "content_transfer_encoding must be an instance" " of str. Got: %s" % content_transfer_encoding ) msg = ( "content_transfer_encoding is deprecated. " "To maintain compatibility with v4 please pass a BytesPayload." ) warnings.warn(msg, DeprecationWarning) self._is_multipart = True self._fields.append((type_options, headers, value))
[docs] def add_fields(self, *fields: Any) -> None: to_add = list(fields) while to_add: rec = to_add.pop(0) if isinstance(rec, io.IOBase): k = guess_filename(rec, "unknown") self.add_field(k, rec) # type: ignore[arg-type] elif isinstance(rec, (MultiDictProxy, MultiDict)): to_add.extend(rec.items()) elif isinstance(rec, (list, tuple)) and len(rec) == 2: k, fp = rec self.add_field(k, fp) # type: ignore[arg-type] else: raise TypeError( "Only io.IOBase, multidict and (name, file) " "pairs allowed, use .add_field() for passing " "more complex parameters, got {!r}".format(rec) )
def _gen_form_urlencoded(self) -> payload.BytesPayload: # form data (x-www-form-urlencoded) data = [] for type_options, _, value in self._fields: data.append((type_options["name"], value)) charset = self._charset if self._charset is not None else "utf-8" if charset == "utf-8": content_type = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" else: content_type = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; " "charset=%s" % charset return payload.BytesPayload( urlencode(data, doseq=True, encoding=charset).encode(), content_type=content_type, ) def _gen_form_data(self) -> multipart.MultipartWriter: """Encode a list of fields using the multipart/form-data MIME format""" if self._is_processed: raise RuntimeError("Form data has been processed already") for dispparams, headers, value in self._fields: try: if hdrs.CONTENT_TYPE in headers: part = payload.get_payload( value, content_type=headers[hdrs.CONTENT_TYPE], headers=headers, encoding=self._charset, ) else: part = payload.get_payload( value, headers=headers, encoding=self._charset ) except Exception as exc: raise TypeError( "Can not serialize value type: %r\n " "headers: %r\n value: %r" % (type(value), headers, value) ) from exc if dispparams: part.set_content_disposition( "form-data", quote_fields=self._quote_fields, **dispparams ) # FIXME cgi.FieldStorage doesn't likes body parts with # Content-Length which were sent via chunked transfer encoding assert part.headers is not None part.headers.popall(hdrs.CONTENT_LENGTH, None) self._writer.append_payload(part) self._is_processed = True return self._writer def __call__(self) -> Payload: if self._is_multipart: return self._gen_form_data() else: return self._gen_form_urlencoded()