Abstract Base Classes

Abstract routing

aiohttp has abstract classes for managing web interfaces.

The most part of aiohttp.web is not intended to be inherited but few of them are.

aiohttp.web is built on top of few concepts: application, router, request and response.

router is a pluggable part: a library user may build a router from scratch, all other parts should work with new router seamlessly.

aiohttp.abc.AbstractRouter has the only mandatory method: aiohttp.abc.AbstractRouter.resolve() coroutine. It must return an aiohttp.abc.AbstractMatchInfo instance.

If the requested URL handler is found aiohttp.abc.AbstractMatchInfo.handler() is a web-handler for requested URL and aiohttp.abc.AbstractMatchInfo.http_exception is None.

Otherwise aiohttp.abc.AbstractMatchInfo.http_exception is an instance of HTTPException like 404: NotFound or 405: Method Not Allowed. aiohttp.abc.AbstractMatchInfo.handler() raises http_exception on call.

class aiohttp.abc.AbstractRouter[source]

Abstract router, aiohttp.web.Application accepts it as router parameter and returns as aiohttp.web.Application.router.

async resolve(request)[source]

Performs URL resolving. It’s an abstract method, should be overridden in router implementation.


requestaiohttp.web.Request instance for resolving, the request has aiohttp.web.Request.match_info equals to None at resolving stage.


aiohttp.abc.AbstractMatchInfo instance.

class aiohttp.abc.AbstractMatchInfo[source]

Abstract match info, returned by aiohttp.abc.AbstractRouter.resolve() call.


aiohttp.web.HTTPException if no match was found, None otherwise.

async handler(request)

Abstract method performing web-handler processing.


requestaiohttp.web.Request instance for resolving, the request has aiohttp.web.Request.match_info equals to None at resolving stage.


aiohttp.web.StreamResponse or descendants.


aiohttp.web.HTTPException on error

async expect_handler(request)

Abstract method for handling 100-continue processing.

Abstract Class Based Views

For class based view support aiohttp has abstract AbstractView class which is awaitable (may be uses like await Cls() or yield from Cls() and has a request as an attribute.

class aiohttp.abc.AbstractView[source]

An abstract class, base for all class based views implementations.

Methods __iter__ and __await__ should be overridden.


aiohttp.web.Request instance for performing the request.

Abstract Access Logger

class aiohttp.abc.AbstractAccessLogger[source]

An abstract class, base for all aiohttp.web.RequestHandler access_logger implementations

Method log should be overridden.

log(request, response, time)[source]

Abstract Resolver

class aiohttp.abc.AbstractResolver[source]

An abstract class, base for all resolver implementations.

Method resolve should be overridden.

resolve(host, port, family)[source]

Resolve host name to IP address.

  • host (str) – host name to resolve.

  • port (int) – port number.

  • family (int) – socket family.


list of aiohttp.abc.ResolveResult instances.


Release resolver.

class aiohttp.abc.ResolveResult[source]

Result of host name resolution.


The host name that was provided.


The IP address that was resolved.


The port that was resolved.


The address family that was resolved.


The protocol that was resolved.


The flags that were resolved.