3.9.4 (2024-04-11)

Bug fixes

  • The asynchronous internals now set the underlying causes when assigning exceptions to the future objects – by @webknjaz.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8089.

  • Treated values of Accept-Encoding header as case-insensitive when checking for gzip files – by @steverep.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8104.

  • Improved the DNS resolution performance on cache hit – by @bdraco.

    This is achieved by avoiding an asyncio task creation in this case.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8163.

  • Changed the type annotations to allow dict on aiohttp.MultipartWriter.append(), aiohttp.MultipartWriter.append_json() and aiohttp.MultipartWriter.append_form() – by @cakemanny

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #7741.

  • Ensure websocket transport is closed when client does not close it – by @bdraco.

    The transport could remain open if the client did not close it. This change ensures the transport is closed when the client does not close it.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8200.

  • Leave websocket transport open if receive times out or is cancelled – by @bdraco.

    This restores the behavior prior to the change in #7978.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8251.

  • Fixed content not being read when an upgrade request was not supported with the pure Python implementation. – by @bdraco.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8252.

  • Fixed a race condition with incoming connections during server shutdown – by @Dreamsorcerer.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8271.

  • Fixed multipart/form-data compliance with RFC 7578 – by @Dreamsorcerer.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8280.

  • Fixed blocking I/O in the event loop while processing files in a POST request – by @bdraco.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8283.

  • Escaped filenames in static view – by @bdraco.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8317.

  • Fixed the pure python parser to mark a connection as closing when a response has no length – by @Dreamsorcerer.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8320.


  • Upgraded llhttp to 9.2.1, and started rejecting obsolete line folding in Python parser to match – by @Dreamsorcerer.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8146, #8292.

Deprecations (removal in next major release)

Improved documentation

  • Added a note about canceling tasks to avoid delaying server shutdown – by @Dreamsorcerer.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8267.

Contributor-facing changes

  • The pull request template is now asking the contributors to answer a question about the long-term maintenance challenges they envision as a result of merging their patches – by @webknjaz.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8099.

  • Updated CI and documentation to use NPM clean install and upgrade node to version 18 – by @steverep.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8116.

  • A pytest fixture hello_txt was introduced to aid static file serving tests in It dynamically provisions hello.txt file variants shared across the tests in the module.

    – by @steverep

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8136.

Packaging updates and notes for downstreams

  • Added an internal pytest marker for tests which should be skipped by packagers (use -m 'not internal' to disable them) – by @Dreamsorcerer.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8299.

3.9.3 (2024-01-29)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed backwards compatibility breakage (in 3.9.2) of ssl parameter when set outside of ClientSession (e.g. directly in TCPConnector) – by @Dreamsorcerer.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8097, #8098.

Miscellaneous internal changes

  • Improved test suite handling of paths and temp files to consistently use pathlib and pytest fixtures.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #3957.

3.9.2 (2024-01-28)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed server-side websocket connection leak.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #7978.

  • Fixed web.FileResponse doing blocking I/O in the event loop.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8012.

  • Fixed double compress when compression enabled and compressed file exists in server file responses.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8014.

  • Added runtime type check for ClientSession timeout parameter.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8021.

  • Fixed an unhandled exception in the Python HTTP parser on header lines starting with a colon – by @pajod.

    Invalid request lines with anything but a dot between the HTTP major and minor version are now rejected. Invalid header field names containing question mark or slash are now rejected. Such requests are incompatible with RFC 9110#section-5.6.2 and are not known to be of any legitimate use.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8074.

  • Improved validation of paths for static resources requests to the server – by @bdraco.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8079.


  • Added support for passing True to ssl parameter in ClientSession while deprecating None – by @xiangyan99.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #7698.

Breaking changes

  • Fixed an unhandled exception in the Python HTTP parser on header lines starting with a colon – by @pajod.

    Invalid request lines with anything but a dot between the HTTP major and minor version are now rejected. Invalid header field names containing question mark or slash are now rejected. Such requests are incompatible with RFC 9110#section-5.6.2 and are not known to be of any legitimate use.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8074.

Improved documentation

  • Fixed examples of fallback_charset_resolver function in the Advanced Client Usage document. – by @henry0312.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #7995.

  • The Sphinx setup was updated to avoid showing the empty changelog draft section in the tagged release documentation builds on Read The Docs – by @webknjaz.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8067.

Packaging updates and notes for downstreams

  • The changelog categorization was made clearer. The contributors can now mark their fragment files more accurately – by @webknjaz.

    The new category tags are:

    • bugfix

    • feature

    • deprecation

    • breaking (previously, removal)

    • doc

    • packaging

    • contrib

    • misc

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8066.

Contributor-facing changes

  • Updated contributing/Tests coverage section to show how we use codecov – by @Dreamsorcerer.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #7916.

  • The changelog categorization was made clearer. The contributors can now mark their fragment files more accurately – by @webknjaz.

    The new category tags are:

    • bugfix

    • feature

    • deprecation

    • breaking (previously, removal)

    • doc

    • packaging

    • contrib

    • misc

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #8066.

Miscellaneous internal changes

  • Replaced all tmpdir fixtures with tmp_path in test suite.

    Related issues and pull requests on GitHub: #3551.

3.9.1 (2023-11-26)


  • Fixed importing aiohttp under PyPy on Windows.


  • Fixed async concurrency safety in websocket compressor.


  • Fixed ClientResponse.close() releasing the connection instead of closing.


  • Fixed a regression where connection may get closed during upgrade. – by @Dreamsorcerer


  • Fixed messages being reported as upgraded without an Upgrade header in Python parser. – by @Dreamsorcerer


3.9.0 (2023-11-18)


  • Introduced AppKey for static typing support of Application storage. See


  • Added a graceful shutdown period which allows pending tasks to complete before the application’s cleanup is called. The period can be adjusted with the shutdown_timeout parameter. – by @Dreamsorcerer. See


  • Added handler_cancellation parameter to cancel web handler on client disconnection. – by @mosquito This (optionally) reintroduces a feature removed in a previous release. Recommended for those looking for an extra level of protection against denial-of-service attacks.


  • Added support for setting response header parameters max_line_size and max_field_size.


  • Added auto_decompress parameter to ClientSession.request to override ClientSession._auto_decompress. – by @Daste745


  • Changed raise_for_status to allow a coroutine.


  • Added client brotli compression support (optional with runtime check).


  • Added client_max_size to BaseRequest.clone() to allow overriding the request body size. – @anesabml.


  • Added a middleware type alias aiohttp.typedefs.Middleware.


  • Exported HTTPMove which can be used to catch any redirection request that has a location – @dreamsorcerer.


  • Changed the path parameter in web.run_app() to accept a pathlib.Path object.


  • Performance: Skipped filtering CookieJar when the jar is empty or all cookies have expired.


  • Performance: Only check origin if insecure scheme and there are origins to treat as secure, in CookieJar.filter_cookies().


  • Performance: Used timestamp instead of datetime to achieve faster cookie expiration in CookieJar.


  • Added support for passing a custom server name parameter to HTTPS connection.


  • Added support for using Basic Auth credentials from .netrc file when making HTTP requests with the ClientSession trust_env argument is set to True. – by @yuvipanda.


  • Turned access log into no-op when the logger is disabled.


  • Added typing information to RawResponseMessage. – by @Gobot1234


  • Removed async-timeout for Python 3.11+ (replaced with asyncio.timeout() on newer releases).


  • Added support for brotlicffi as an alternative to brotli (fixing Brotli support on PyPy).


  • Added WebSocketResponse.get_extra_info() to access a protocol transport’s extra info.


  • Allow link argument to be set to None/empty in HTTP 451 exception.



  • Implemented stripping the trailing dots from fully-qualified domain names in Host headers and TLS context when acting as an HTTP client. This allows the client to connect to URLs with FQDN host name like – by @martin-sucha.


  • Fixed client timeout not working when incoming data is always available without waiting. – by @Dreamsorcerer.


  • Fixed readuntil to work with a delimiter of more than one character.


  • Added __repr__ to EmptyStreamReader to avoid AttributeError.


  • Fixed bug when using TCPConnector with ttl_dns_cache=0.


  • Fixed response returned from expect handler being thrown away. – by @Dreamsorcerer


  • Avoided raising UnicodeDecodeError in multipart and in HTTP headers parsing.


  • Changed sock_read timeout to start after writing has finished, avoiding read timeouts caused by an unfinished write. – by @dtrifiro


  • Fixed missing query in tracing method URLs when using yarl 1.9+.


  • Changed max 32-bit timestamp to an aware datetime object, for consistency with the non-32-bit one, and to avoid a DeprecationWarning on Python 3.12.


  • Fixed EmptyStreamReader.iter_chunks() never ending. – by @mind1m


  • Fixed a rare RuntimeError: await wasn't used with future exception. – by @stalkerg


  • Fixed issue with insufficient HTTP method and version validation.


  • Added check to validate that absolute URIs have schemes.


  • Fixed unhandled exception when Python HTTP parser encounters unpaired Unicode surrogates.


  • Updated parser to disallow invalid characters in header field names and stop accepting LF as a request line separator.


  • Fixed Python HTTP parser not treating 204/304/1xx as an empty body.


  • Ensure empty body response for 1xx/204/304 per RFC 9112 sec 6.3.


  • Fixed an issue when a client request is closed before completing a chunked payload. – by @Dreamsorcerer


  • Edge Case Handling for ResponseParser for missing reason value.


  • Fixed ClientWebSocketResponse.close_code being erroneously set to None when there are concurrent async tasks receiving data and closing the connection.


  • Added HTTP method validation.


  • Fixed arbitrary sequence types being allowed to inject values via version parameter. – by @Dreamsorcerer


  • Performance: Fixed increase in latency with small messages from websocket compression changes.


Improved Documentation

  • Fixed the ClientResponse.release’s type in the doc. Changed from comethod to method.


  • Added information on behavior of base_url parameter in ClientSession.


  • Fixed ClientResponseError docs.


  • Updated Redis code examples to follow the latest API.


  • Added a note about possibly needing to update headers when using on_response_prepare. – by @Dreamsorcerer


  • Completed trust_env parameter description to honor wss_proxy, ws_proxy or no_proxy env.


  • Expanded SSL documentation with more examples (e.g. how to use certifi). – by @Dreamsorcerer


  • Fix, update, and improve client exceptions documentation.


Deprecations and Removals


  • Made print argument in run_app() optional.


  • Improved performance of ceil_timeout in some cases.


  • Changed importing Gunicorn to happen on-demand, decreasing import time by ~53%. – @Dreamsorcerer


  • Improved import time by replacing http.server with http.HTTPStatus.


  • Fixed annotation of ssl parameter to disallow True. – by @Dreamsorcerer.


3.8.6 (2023-10-07)

Security bugfixes


  • Added fallback_charset_resolver parameter in ClientSession to allow a user-supplied character set detection function.

    Character set detection will no longer be included in 3.9 as a default. If this feature is needed, please use fallback_charset_resolver.



  • Enabled lenient response parsing for more flexible parsing in the client (this should resolve some regressions when dealing with badly formatted HTTP responses). – by @Dreamsorcerer



  • Fixed PermissionError when .netrc is unreadable due to permissions.


  • Fixed output of parsing errors pointing to a \n. – by @Dreamsorcerer


  • Fixed GunicornWebWorker max_requests_jitter not working.


  • Fixed sorting in filter_cookies to use cookie with longest path. – by @marq24.


  • Fixed display of BadStatusLine messages from llhttp. – by @Dreamsorcerer


3.8.5 (2023-07-19)

Security bugfixes


  • Added information to C parser exceptions to show which character caused the error. – by @Dreamsorcerer



3.8.4 (2023-02-12)


  • Fixed incorrectly overwriting cookies with the same name and domain, but different path. #6638

  • Fixed ConnectionResetError not being raised after client disconnection in SSL environments. #7180

3.8.3 (2022-09-21)


This is the last aiohttp release tested under Python 3.6. The 3.9 stream is dropping it from the CI and the distribution package metadata.


  • Increased the upper boundary of the multidict dependency to allow for the version 6 – by @hugovk.

    It used to be limited below version 7 in aiohttp v3.8.1 but was lowered in v3.8.2 via PR #6550 and never brought back, causing problems with dependency pins when upgrading. aiohttp v3.8.3 fixes that by recovering the original boundary of < 7. #6950

3.8.2 (2022-09-20, subsequently yanked on 2022-09-21)


Improved Documentation

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop Python 3.5 support, aiohttp works on 3.6+ now. #4046


3.8.1 (2021-11-14)


  • Fix the error in handling the return value of getaddrinfo. getaddrinfo will return an (int, bytes) tuple, if CPython could not handle the address family. It will cause a index out of range error in aiohttp. For example, if user compile CPython with –disable-ipv6 option but his system enable the ipv6. #5901

  • Do not install “examples” as a top-level package. #6189

  • Restored ability to connect IPv6-only host. #6195

  • Remove Signal from __all__, replace aiohttp.Signal with aiosignal.Signal in docs #6201

  • Made chunked encoding HTTP header check stricter. #6305

Improved Documentation

  • update quick starter demo codes. #6240

  • Added an explanation of how tiny timeouts affect performance to the client reference document. #6274

  • Add flake8-docstrings to flake8 configuration, enable subset of checks. #6276

  • Added information on running complex applications with additional tasks/processes – @Dreamsorcerer. #6278


3.8.0 (2021-10-31)


  • Added a GunicornWebWorker feature for extending the aiohttp server configuration by allowing the ‘wsgi’ coroutine to return web.AppRunner object. #2988

  • Switch from http-parser to llhttp #3561

  • Use Brotli instead of brotlipy #3803

  • Disable implicit switch-back to pure python mode. The build fails loudly if aiohttp cannot be compiled with C Accelerators. Use AIOHTTP_NO_EXTENSIONS=1 to explicitly disable C Extensions complication and switch to Pure-Python mode. Note that Pure-Python mode is significantly slower than compiled one. #3828

  • Make access log use local time with timezone #3853

  • Implemented readuntil in StreamResponse #4054

  • FileResponse now supports ETag. #4594

  • Add a request handler type alias aiohttp.typedefs.Handler. #4686

  • AioHTTPTestCase is more async friendly now.

    For people who use unittest and are used to use TestCase it will be easier to write new test cases like the sync version of the TestCase class, without using the decorator @unittest_run_loop, just async def test_*. The only difference is that for the people using python3.7 and below a new dependency is needed, it is asynctestcase. #4700

  • Add validation of HTTP header keys and values to prevent header injection. #4818

  • Add predicate to AbstractCookieJar.clear. Add AbstractCookieJar.clear_domain to clean all domain and subdomains cookies only. #4942

  • Add keepalive_timeout parameter to web.run_app. #5094

  • Tracing for client sent headers #5105

  • Make type hints for http parser stricter #5267

  • Add final declarations for constants. #5275

  • Switch to external frozenlist and aiosignal libraries. #5293

  • Don’t send secure cookies by insecure transports.

    By default, the transport is secure if https or wss scheme is used. Use CookieJar(treat_as_secure_origin=””) to override the default security checker. #5571

  • Always create a new event loop in aiohttp.web.run_app(). This adds better compatibility with or if trying to run multiple apps in sequence. #5572

  • Add aiohttp.pytest_plugin.AiohttpClient for static typing of pytest plugin. #5585

  • Added a socket_factory argument to BaseTestServer. #5844

  • Add compression strategy parameter to enable_compression method. #5909

  • Added support for Python 3.10 to Github Actions CI/CD workflows and fix the related deprecation warnings – @Hanaasagi. #5927

  • Switched chardet to charset-normalizer for guessing the HTTP payload body encoding – @Ousret. #5930

  • Added optional auto_decompress argument for HttpRequestParser #5957

  • Added support for HTTPS proxies to the extent CPython’s asyncio supports it – by @bmbouter, @jborean93 and @webknjaz. #5992

  • Added base_url parameter to the initializer of ClientSession. #6013

  • Add Trove classifier and create binary wheels for 3.10. – @hugovk. #6079

  • Started shipping platform-specific wheels with the musl tag targeting typical Alpine Linux runtimes — @asvetlov. #6139

  • Started shipping platform-specific arm64 wheels for Apple Silicon — @asvetlov. #6139


  • Modify _drain_helper() to handle concurrent await resp.write(…) or ws.send_json(…) calls without race-condition. #2934

  • Started using MultiLoopChildWatcher when it’s available under POSIX while setting up the test I/O loop. #3450

  • Only encode content-disposition filename parameter using percent-encoding. Other parameters are encoded to quoted-string or RFC2231 extended parameter value. #4012

  • Fixed HTTP client requests to honor no_proxy environment variables. #4431

  • Fix supporting WebSockets proxies configured via environment variables. #4648

  • Change return type on URLDispatcher to UrlMappingMatchInfo to improve type annotations. #4748

  • Ensure a cleanup context is cleaned up even when an exception occurs during startup. #4799

  • Added a new exception type for Unix socket client errors which provides a more useful error message. #4984

  • Remove Transfer-Encoding and Content-Type headers for 204 in StreamResponse #5106

  • Only depend on typing_extensions for Python <3.8 #5107

  • Add ABNORMAL_CLOSURE and BAD_GATEWAY to WSCloseCode #5192

  • Fix cookies disappearing from HTTPExceptions. #5233

  • StaticResource prefixes no longer match URLs with a non-folder prefix. For example routes.static('/foo', '/foo') no longer matches the URL /foobar. Previously, this would attempt to load the file /foo/ar. #5250

  • Acquire the connection before running traces to prevent race condition. #5259

  • Add missing slots to `_RequestContextManager and _WSRequestContextManager #5329

  • Ensure sending a zero byte file does not throw an exception (round 2) #5380

  • Set “text/plain” when data is an empty string in client requests. #5392

  • Stop automatically releasing the ClientResponse object on calls to the ok property for the failed requests. #5403

  • Include query parameters from params keyword argument in tracing URL. #5432

  • Fix annotations #5466

  • Fixed the multipart POST requests processing to always release file descriptors for the tempfile.Temporaryfile-created _io.BufferedRandom instances of files sent within multipart request bodies via HTTP POST requests – by @webknjaz. #5494

  • Fix 0 being incorrectly treated as an immediate timeout. #5527

  • Fixes failing tests when an environment variable <scheme>_proxy is set. #5554

  • Replace deprecated app handler design in tests/autobahn/ with call to web.run_app; replace deprecated aiohttp.ws_connect calls in tests/autobahn/ with aiohttp.ClienSession.ws_connect. #5606

  • Fixed test for HTTPUnauthorized that access the text argument. This is not used in any part of the code, so it’s removed now. #5657

  • Remove incorrect default from docs #5727

  • Remove external test dependency to #5840

  • Don’t cancel current task when entering a cancelled timer. #5853

  • Added params keyword argument to ClientSession.ws_connect. – @hoh. #5868

  • Uses ThreadedChildWatcher under POSIX to allow setting up test loop in non-main thread. #5877

  • Fix the error in handling the return value of getaddrinfo. getaddrinfo will return an (int, bytes) tuple, if CPython could not handle the address family. It will cause a index out of range error in aiohttp. For example, if user compile CPython with –disable-ipv6 option but his system enable the ipv6. #5901

  • Removed the deprecated loop argument from the asyncio.sleep/gather calls #5905

  • Return None from request.if_modified_since, request.if_unmodified_since, request.if_range and response.last_modified when corresponding http date headers are invalid. #5925

  • Fix resetting SIGCHLD signals in Gunicorn aiohttp Worker to fix subprocesses that capture output having an incorrect returncode. #6130

  • Raise 400: Content-Length can't be present with Transfer-Encoding if both Content-Length and Transfer-Encoding are sent by peer by both C and Python implementations #6182

Improved Documentation

  • Refactored OpenAPI/Swagger aiohttp addons, added aio-openapi #5326

  • Fixed docs on request cookies type, so it matches what is actually used in the code (a read-only dictionary-like object). #5725

  • Documented that the HTTP client Authorization header is removed on redirects to a different host or protocol. #5850


3.7.4.post0 (2021-03-06)


  • Bumped upper bound of the chardet runtime dependency to allow their v4.0 version stream. #5366

3.7.4 (2021-02-25)


  • (SECURITY BUG) Started preventing open redirects in the aiohttp.web.normalize_path_middleware middleware. For more details, see

    Thanks to Beast Glatisant for finding the first instance of this issue and Jelmer Vernooij for reporting and tracking it down in aiohttp. #5497

  • Fix interpretation difference of the pure-Python and the Cython-based HTTP parsers construct a yarl.URL object for HTTP request-target.

    Before this fix, the Python parser would turn the URI’s absolute-path for //some-path into / while the Cython code preserved it as //some-path. Now, both do the latter. #5498

3.7.3 (2020-11-18)


  • Use Brotli instead of brotlipy #3803

  • Made exceptions pickleable. Also changed the repr of some exceptions. #4077


  • Raise a ClientResponseError instead of an AssertionError for a blank HTTP Reason Phrase. #3532

  • Fix web_middlewares.normalize_path_middleware behavior for patch without slash. #3669

  • Fix overshadowing of overlapped sub-applications prefixes. #3701

  • Make BaseConnector.close() a coroutine and wait until the client closes all connections. Drop deprecated “with Connector():” syntax. #3736

  • Reset the sock_read timeout each time data is received for a aiohttp.client response. #3808

  • Fixed type annotation for add_view method of UrlDispatcher to accept any subclass of View #3880

  • Fixed querying the address families from DNS that the current host supports. #5156

  • Change return type of MultipartReader.__aiter__() and BodyPartReader.__aiter__() to AsyncIterator. #5163

  • Provide x86 Windows wheels. #5230

Improved Documentation

  • Add documentation for aiohttp.web.FileResponse. #3958

  • Removed deprecation warning in tracing example docs #3964

  • Fixed wrong “Usage” docstring of aiohttp.client.request. #4603

  • Add aiohttp-pydantic to third party libraries #5228


3.7.2 (2020-10-27)


  • Fixed static files handling for loops without .sendfile() support #5149

3.7.1 (2020-10-25)


  • Fixed a type error caused by the conditional import of Protocol. #5111

  • Server doesn’t send Content-Length for 1xx or 204 #4901

  • Fix run_app typing #4957

  • Always require typing_extensions library. #5107

  • Fix a variable-shadowing bug causing ThreadedResolver.resolve to return the resolved IP as the hostname in each record, which prevented validation of HTTPS connections. #5110

  • Added annotations to all public attributes. #5115

  • Fix flaky test_when_timeout_smaller_second #5116

  • Ensure sending a zero byte file does not throw an exception #5124

  • Fix a bug in web.run_app() about Python version checking on Windows #5127

3.7.0 (2020-10-24)


  • Response headers are now prepared prior to running on_response_prepare hooks, directly before headers are sent to the client. #1958

  • Add a quote_cookie option to CookieJar, a way to skip quotation wrapping of cookies containing special characters. #2571

  • Call AccessLogger.log with the current exception available from sys.exc_info(). #3557

  • web.UrlDispatcher.add_routes and web.Application.add_routes return a list of registered AbstractRoute instances. AbstractRouteDef.register (and all subclasses) return a list of registered resources registered resource. #3866

  • Added properties of default ClientSession params to ClientSession class so it is available for introspection #3882

  • Don’t cancel web handler on peer disconnection, raise OSError on reading/writing instead. #4080

  • Implement BaseRequest.get_extra_info() to access a protocol transports’ extra info. #4189

  • Added ClientSession.timeout property. #4191

  • allow use of SameSite in cookies. #4224

  • Use loop.sendfile() instead of custom implementation if available. #4269

  • Apply SO_REUSEADDR to test server’s socket. #4393

  • Use .raw_host instead of slower .host in client API #4402

  • Allow configuring the buffer size of input stream by passing read_bufsize argument. #4453

  • Pass tests on Python 3.8 for Windows. #4513

  • Add method and url attributes to TraceRequestChunkSentParams and TraceResponseChunkReceivedParams. #4674

  • Add ClientResponse.ok property for checking status code under 400. #4711

  • Don’t ceil timeouts that are smaller than 5 seconds. #4850

  • TCPSite now listens by default on all interfaces instead of just IPv4 when None is passed in as the host. #4894

  • Bump http_parser to 2.9.4 #5070


  • Fix keepalive connections not being closed in time #3296

  • Fix failed websocket handshake leaving connection hanging. #3380

  • Fix tasks cancellation order on exit. The run_app task needs to be cancelled first for cleanup hooks to run with all tasks intact. #3805

  • Don’t start heartbeat until _writer is set #4062

  • Fix handling of multipart file uploads without a content type. #4089

  • Preserve view handler function attributes across middlewares #4174

  • Fix the string representation of ServerDisconnectedError. #4175

  • Raising RuntimeError when trying to get encoding from not read body #4214

  • Remove warning messages from noop. #4282

  • Raise ClientPayloadError if FormData re-processed. #4345

  • Fix a warning about unfinished task in #4408

  • Fixed ‘deflate’ compression. According to RFC 2616 now. #4506

  • Fixed OverflowError on platforms with 32-bit time_t #4515

  • Fixed request.body_exists returns wrong value for methods without body. #4528

  • Fix connecting to link-local IPv6 addresses. #4554

  • Fix a problem with connection waiters that are never awaited. #4562

  • Always make sure transport is not closing before reuse a connection.

    Reuse a protocol based on keepalive in headers is unreliable. For example, uWSGI will not support keepalive even it serves a HTTP 1.1 request, except explicitly configure uWSGI with a --http-keepalive option.

    Servers designed like uWSGI could cause aiohttp intermittently raise a ConnectionResetException when the protocol poll runs out and some protocol is reused. #4587

  • Handle the last CRLF correctly even if it is received via separate TCP segment. #4630

  • Fix the register_resource function to validate route name before splitting it so that route name can include python keywords. #4691

  • Improve typing annotations for web.Request, aiohttp.ClientResponse and multipart module. #4736

  • Fix resolver task is not awaited when connector is cancelled #4795

  • Fix a bug “Aiohttp doesn’t return any error on invalid request methods” #4798

  • Fix HEAD requests for static content. #4809

  • Fix incorrect size calculation for memoryview #4890

  • Add HTTPMove to _all__. #4897

  • Fixed the type annotations in the tracing module. #4912

  • Fix typing for multipart __aiter__. #4931

  • Fix for race condition on connections in BaseConnector that leads to exceeding the connection limit. #4936

  • Add forced UTF-8 encoding for application/rdap+json responses. #4938

  • Fix inconsistency between Python and C http request parsers in parsing pct-encoded URL. #4972

  • Fix connection closing issue in HEAD request. #5012

  • Fix type hint on BaseRunner.addresses (from List[str] to List[Any]) #5086

  • Make web.run_app() more responsive to Ctrl+C on Windows for Python < 3.8. It slightly increases CPU load as a side effect. #5098

Improved Documentation

  • Fix example code in client quick-start #3376

  • Updated the docs so there is no contradiction in ttl_dns_cache default value #3512

  • Add ‘Deploy with SSL’ to docs. #4201

  • Change typing of the secure argument on StreamResponse.set_cookie from Optional[str] to Optional[bool] #4204

  • Changes ttl_dns_cache type from int to Optional[int]. #4270

  • Simplify README hello word example and add a documentation page for people coming from requests. #4272

  • Improve some code examples in the documentation involving websockets and starting a simple HTTP site with an AppRunner. #4285

  • Fix typo in code example in Multipart docs #4312

  • Fix code example in Multipart section. #4314

  • Update contributing guide so new contributors read the most recent version of that guide. Update command used to create test coverage reporting. #4810

  • Spelling: Change “canonize” to “canonicalize”. #4986

  • Add aiohttp-sse-client library to third party usage list. #5084


3.6.3 (2020-10-12)


  • Pin yarl to <1.6.0 to avoid buggy behavior that will be fixed by the next aiohttp release.

3.6.2 (2019-10-09)


  • Made exceptions pickleable. Also changed the repr of some exceptions. #4077

  • Use Iterable type hint instead of Sequence for Application middleware parameter. #4125


  • Reset the sock_read timeout each time data is received for a aiohttp.ClientResponse. #3808

  • Fix handling of expired cookies so they are not stored in CookieJar. #4063

  • Fix misleading message in the string representation of ClientConnectorError; self.ssl == None means default SSL context, not SSL disabled #4097

  • Don’t clobber HTTP status when using FileResponse. #4106

Improved Documentation

  • Added minimal required logging configuration to logging documentation. #2469

  • Update docs to reflect proxy support. #4100

  • Fix typo in code example in testing docs. #4108


3.6.1 (2019-09-19)


  • Compatibility with Python 3.8. #4056


  • correct some exception string format #4068

  • Emit a warning when ssl.OP_NO_COMPRESSION is unavailable because the runtime is built against an outdated OpenSSL. #4052

  • Update multidict requirement to >= 4.5 #4057

Improved Documentation

  • Provide pytest-aiohttp namespace for pytest fixtures in docs. #3723

3.6.0 (2019-09-06)


  • Add support for Named Pipes (Site and Connector) under Windows. This feature requires Proactor event loop to work. #3629

  • Removed Transfer-Encoding: chunked header from websocket responses to be compatible with more http proxy servers. #3798

  • Accept non-GET request for starting websocket handshake on server side. #3980


  • Raise a ClientResponseError instead of an AssertionError for a blank HTTP Reason Phrase. #3532

  • Fix an issue where cookies would sometimes not be set during a redirect. #3576

  • Change normalize_path_middleware to use 308 redirect instead of 301.

    This behavior should prevent clients from being unable to use PUT/POST methods on endpoints that are redirected because of a trailing slash. #3579

  • Drop the processed task from all_tasks() list early. It prevents logging about a task with unhandled exception when the server is used in conjunction with #3587

  • Signal type annotation changed from Signal[Callable[['TraceConfig'], Awaitable[None]]] to Signal[Callable[ClientSession, SimpleNamespace, ...]. #3595

  • Use sanitized URL as Location header in redirects #3614

  • Improve typing annotations for along with changes required by mypy in files that references #3621

  • Close session created inside aiohttp.request when unhandled exception occurs #3628

  • Cleanup per-chunk data in generic data read. Memory leak fixed. #3631

  • Use correct type for add_view and family #3633

  • Fix _keepalive field in __slots__ of RequestHandler. #3644

  • Properly handle ConnectionResetError, to silence the “Cannot write to closing transport” exception when clients disconnect uncleanly. #3648

  • Suppress pytest warnings due to test_utils classes #3660

  • Fix overshadowing of overlapped sub-application prefixes. #3701

  • Fixed return type annotation for WSMessage.json() #3720

  • Properly expose TooManyRedirects publicly as documented. #3818

  • Fix missing brackets for IPv6 in proxy CONNECT request #3841

  • Make the signature of aiohttp.test_utils.TestClient.request match asyncio.ClientSession.request according to the docs #3852

  • Use correct style for re-exported imports, makes mypy --strict mode happy. #3868

  • Fixed type annotation for add_view method of UrlDispatcher to accept any subclass of View #3880

  • Made cython HTTP parser set Reason-Phrase of the response to an empty string if it is missing. #3906

  • Add URL to the string representation of ClientResponseError. #3959

  • Accept istr keys in LooseHeaders type hints. #3976

  • Fixed race conditions in _resolve_host caching and throttling when tracing is enabled. #4013

  • For URLs like “unix://localhost/…” set Host HTTP header to “localhost” instead of “localhost:None”. #4039

Improved Documentation

  • Modify documentation for Background Tasks to remove deprecated usage of event loop. #3526

  • use if __name__ == '__main__': in server examples. #3775

  • Update documentation reference to the default access logger. #3783

  • Improve documentation for web.BaseRequest.path and web.BaseRequest.raw_path. #3791

  • Removed deprecation warning in tracing example docs #3964

3.5.4 (2019-01-12)


  • Fix stream .read() / .readany() / .iter_any() which used to return a partial content only in case of compressed content #3525

3.5.3 (2019-01-10)


  • Fix type stubs for aiohttp.web.run_app(access_log=True) and fix edge case of access_log=True and the event loop being in debug mode. #3504

  • Fix aiohttp.ClientTimeout type annotations to accept None for fields #3511

  • Send custom per-request cookies even if session jar is empty #3515

  • Restore Linux binary wheels publishing on PyPI

3.5.2 (2019-01-08)


  • FileResponse from uses a ThreadPoolExecutor to work with files asynchronously. I/O based payloads from uses a ThreadPoolExecutor to work with I/O objects asynchronously. #3313

  • Internal Server Errors in plain text if the browser does not support HTML. #3483


  • Preserve MultipartWriter parts headers on write. Refactor the way how Payload.headers are handled. Payload instances now always have headers and Content-Type defined. Fix Payload Content-Disposition header reset after initial creation. #3035

  • Log suppressed exceptions in GunicornWebWorker. #3464

  • Remove wildcard imports. #3468

  • Use the same task for app initialization and web server handling in gunicorn workers. It allows to use Python3.7 context vars smoothly. #3471

  • Fix handling of chunked+gzipped response when first chunk does not give uncompressed data #3477

  • Replace collections.MutableMapping with to avoid a deprecation warning. #3480

  • Payload.size type annotation changed from Optional[float] to Optional[int]. #3484

  • Ignore done tasks when cancels pending activities on web.run_app finalization. #3497

Improved Documentation

  • Add documentation for aiohttp.web.HTTPException. #3490


3.5.1 (2018-12-24)

  • Fix a regression about ClientSession._requote_redirect_url modification in debug mode.

3.5.0 (2018-12-22)


  • The library type annotations are checked in strict mode now.

  • Add support for setting cookies for individual request (#2387)

  • Application.add_domain implementation (#2809)

  • The default app in the request returned by test_utils.make_mocked_request can now have objects assigned to it and retrieved using the [] operator. (#3174)

  • Make request.url accessible when transport is closed. (#3177)

  • Add zlib_executor_size argument to Response constructor to allow compression to run in a background executor to avoid blocking the main thread and potentially triggering health check failures. (#3205)

  • Enable users to set ClientTimeout in aiohttp.request (#3213)

  • Don’t raise a warning if NETRC environment variable is not set and ~/.netrc file doesn’t exist. (#3267)

  • Add default logging handler to web.run_app If the Application.debug` flag is set and the default logger aiohttp.access is used, access logs will now be output using a stderr StreamHandler if no handlers are attached. Furthermore, if the default logger has no log level set, the log level will be set to DEBUG. (#3324)

  • Add method argument to session.ws_connect(). Sometimes server API requires a different HTTP method for WebSocket connection establishment. For example, Docker exec needs POST. (#3378)

  • Create a task per request handling. (#3406)


  • Enable passing access_log_class via handler_args (#3158)

  • Return empty bytes with end-of-chunk marker in empty stream reader. (#3186)

  • Accept CIMultiDictProxy instances for headers argument in web.Response constructor. (#3207)

  • Don’t uppercase HTTP method in parser (#3233)

  • Make method match regexp RFC-7230 compliant (#3235)

  • Add app.pre_frozen state to properly handle startup signals in sub-applications. (#3237)

  • Enhanced parsing and validation of helpers.BasicAuth.decode. (#3239)

  • Change imports from collections module in preparation for 3.8. (#3258)

  • Ensure Host header is added first to ClientRequest to better replicate browser (#3265)

  • Fix forward compatibility with Python 3.8: importing ABCs directly from the collections module will not be supported anymore. (#3273)

  • Keep the query string by normalize_path_middleware. (#3278)

  • Fix missing parameter raise_for_status for aiohttp.request() (#3290)

  • Bracket IPv6 addresses in the HOST header (#3304)

  • Fix default message for server ping and pong frames. (#3308)

  • Fix tests/ typo and tests/autobahn/ duplicate loop def. (#3337)

  • Fix false-negative indicator end_of_HTTP_chunk in StreamReader.readchunk function (#3361)

  • Release HTTP response before raising status exception (#3364)

  • Fix task cancellation when sendfile() syscall is used by static file handling. (#3383)

  • Fix stack trace for asyncio.TimeoutError which was not logged, when it is caught in the handler. (#3414)

Improved Documentation

  • Improve documentation of Application.make_handler parameters. (#3152)

  • Fix BaseRequest.raw_headers doc. (#3215)

  • Fix typo in TypeError exception reason in web.Application._handle (#3229)

  • Make server access log format placeholder %b documentation reflect behavior and docstring. (#3307)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate modification of session.requote_redirect_url (#2278)

  • Deprecate stream.unread_data() (#3260)

  • Deprecated use of boolean in resp.enable_compression() (#3318)

  • Encourage creation of aiohttp public objects inside a coroutine (#3331)

  • Drop dead Connection.detach() and Connection.writer. Both methods were broken for more than 2 years. (#3358)

  • Deprecate app.loop, request.loop, client.loop and connector.loop properties. (#3374)

  • Deprecate explicit debug argument. Use asyncio debug mode instead. (#3381)

  • Deprecate body parameter in HTTPException (and derived classes) constructor. (#3385)

  • Deprecate bare connector close, use async with connector: and await connector.close() instead. (#3417)

  • Deprecate obsolete read_timeout and conn_timeout in ClientSession constructor. (#3438)


  • #3341, #3351

3.4.4 (2018-09-05)

  • Fix installation from sources when compiling toolkit is not available (#3241)

3.4.3 (2018-09-04)

  • Add app.pre_frozen state to properly handle startup signals in sub-applications. (#3237)

3.4.2 (2018-09-01)

  • Fix iter_chunks type annotation (#3230)

3.4.1 (2018-08-28)

  • Fix empty header parsing regression. (#3218)

  • Fix BaseRequest.raw_headers doc. (#3215)

  • Fix documentation building on ReadTheDocs (#3221)

3.4.0 (2018-08-25)


  • Add type hints (#3049)

  • Add raise_for_status request parameter (#3073)

  • Add type hints to HTTP client (#3092)

  • Minor server optimizations (#3095)

  • Preserve the cause when HTTPException is raised from another exception. (#3096)

  • Add close_boundary option in MultipartWriter.write method. Support streaming (#3104)

  • Added a remove_slash option to the normalize_path_middleware factory. (#3173)

  • The class AbstractRouteDef is importable from aiohttp.web. (#3183)


  • Prevent double closing when client connection is released before the last data_received() callback. (#3031)

  • Make redirect with normalize_path_middleware work when using url encoded paths. (#3051)

  • Postpone web task creation to connection establishment. (#3052)

  • Fix sock_read timeout. (#3053)

  • When using a server-request body as the data= argument of a client request, iterate over the content with readany instead of readline to avoid Line too long errors. (#3054)

  • fix UrlDispatcher has no attribute add_options, add web.options (#3062)

  • correct filename in content-disposition with multipart body (#3064)

  • Many HTTP proxies has buggy keepalive support. Let’s not reuse connection but close it after processing every response. (#3070)

  • raise 413 “Payload Too Large” rather than raising ValueError in Add helpful debug message to 413 responses (#3087)

  • Fix StreamResponse equality, now that they are MutableMapping objects. (#3100)

  • Fix server request objects comparison (#3116)

  • Do not hang on 206 Partial Content response with Content-Encoding: gzip (#3123)

  • Fix timeout precondition checkers (#3145)

Improved Documentation

  • Add a new FAQ entry that clarifies that you should not reuse response objects in middleware functions. (#3020)

  • Add FAQ section “Why is creating a ClientSession outside of an event loop dangerous?” (#3072)

  • Fix link to Rambler (#3115)

  • Fix TCPSite documentation on the Server Reference page. (#3146)

  • Fix documentation build configuration file for Windows. (#3147)

  • Remove no longer existing lingering_timeout parameter of Application.make_handler from documentation. (#3151)

  • Mention that app.make_handler is deprecated, recommend to use runners API instead. (#3157)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop loop.current_task() from helpers.current_task() (#2826)

  • Drop reader parameter from request.multipart(). (#3090)

3.3.2 (2018-06-12)

  • Many HTTP proxies has buggy keepalive support. Let’s not reuse connection but close it after processing every response. (#3070)

  • Provide vendor source files in tarball (#3076)

3.3.1 (2018-06-05)

  • Fix sock_read timeout. (#3053)

  • When using a server-request body as the data= argument of a client request, iterate over the content with readany instead of readline to avoid Line too long errors. (#3054)

3.3.0 (2018-06-01)


  • Raise ConnectionResetError instead of CancelledError on trying to write to a closed stream. (#2499)

  • Implement ClientTimeout class and support socket read timeout. (#2768)

  • Enable logging when aiohttp.web is used as a program (#2956)

  • Add canonical property to resources (#2968)

  • Forbid reading response BODY after release (#2983)

  • Implement base protocol class to avoid a dependency from internal asyncio.streams.FlowControlMixin (#2986)

  • Cythonize @helpers.reify, 5% boost on macro benchmark (#2995)

  • Optimize HTTP parser (#3015)

  • Implement runner.addresses property. (#3036)

  • Use bytearray instead of a list of bytes in websocket reader. It improves websocket message reading a little. (#3039)

  • Remove heartbeat on closing connection on keepalive timeout. The used hack violates HTTP protocol. (#3041)

  • Limit websocket message size on reading to 4 MB by default. (#3045)


  • Don’t reuse a connection with the same URL but different proxy/TLS settings (#2981)

  • When parsing the Forwarded header, the optional port number is now preserved. (#3009)

Improved Documentation

  • Make Change Log more visible in docs (#3029)

  • Make style and grammar improvements on the FAQ page. (#3030)

  • Document that signal handlers should be async functions since aiohttp 3.0 (#3032)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate custom application’s router. (#3021)


  • #3008, #3011

3.2.1 (2018-05-10)

  • Don’t reuse a connection with the same URL but different proxy/TLS settings (#2981)

3.2.0 (2018-05-06)


  • Raise TooManyRedirects exception when client gets redirected too many times instead of returning last response. (#2631)

  • Extract route definitions into separate file (#2876)

  • Raise an exception on request body reading after sending response. (#2895)

  • ClientResponse and RequestInfo now have real_url property, which is request url without fragment part being stripped (#2925)

  • Speed up connector limiting (#2937)

  • Added and links property for ClientResponse object (#2948)

  • Add request.config_dict for exposing nested applications data. (#2949)

  • Speed up HTTP headers serialization, server micro-benchmark runs 5% faster now. (#2957)

  • Apply assertions in debug mode only (#2966)


  • expose property app for TestClient (#2891)

  • Call on_chunk_sent when write_eof takes as a param the last chunk (#2909)

  • A closing bracket was added to __repr__ of resources (#2935)

  • Fix compression of FileResponse (#2942)

  • Fixes some bugs in the limit connection feature (#2964)

Improved Documentation

  • Drop async_timeout usage from documentation for client API in favor of timeout parameter. (#2865)

  • Improve Gunicorn logging documentation (#2921)

  • Replace multipart writer .serialize() method with .write() in documentation. (#2965)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate Application.make_handler() (#2938)


  • #2958

3.1.3 (2018-04-12)

  • Fix cancellation broadcast during DNS resolve (#2910)

3.1.2 (2018-04-05)

  • Make LineTooLong exception more detailed about actual data size (#2863)

  • Call on_chunk_sent when write_eof takes as a param the last chunk (#2909)

3.1.1 (2018-03-27)

  • Support asynchronous iterators (and asynchronous generators as well) in both client and server API as request / response BODY payloads. (#2802)

3.1.0 (2018-03-21)

Welcome to aiohttp 3.1 release.

This is an incremental release, fully backward compatible with aiohttp 3.0.

But we have added several new features.

The most visible one is app.add_routes() (an alias for existing app.router.add_routes(). The addition is very important because all aiohttp docs now uses app.add_routes() call in code snippets. All your existing code still do register routes / resource without any warning but you’ve got the idea for a favorite way: noisy app.router.add_get() is replaced by app.add_routes().

The library does not make a preference between decorators:

routes = web.RouteTableDef()

async def hello(request):
    return web.Response(text="Hello, world")


and route tables as a list:

async def hello(request):
    return web.Response(text="Hello, world")

app.add_routes([web.get('/', hello)])

Both ways are equal, user may decide basing on own code taste.

Also we have a lot of minor features, bug fixes and documentation updates, see below.


  • Relax JSON content-type checking in the ClientResponse.json() to allow “application/xxx+json” instead of strict “application/json”. (#2206)

  • Bump C HTTP parser to version 2.8 (#2730)

  • Accept a coroutine as an application factory in web.run_app and gunicorn worker. (#2739)

  • Implement application cleanup context (app.cleanup_ctx property). (#2747)

  • Make writer.write_headers a coroutine. (#2762)

  • Add tracking signals for getting request/response bodies. (#2767)

  • Deprecate ClientResponseError.code in favor of .status to keep similarity with response classes. (#2781)

  • Implement app.add_routes() method. (#2787)

  • Implement web.static() and RouteTableDef.static() API. (#2795)

  • Install a test event loop as default by asyncio.set_event_loop(). The change affects aiohttp test utils but backward compatibility is not broken for 99.99% of use cases. (#2804)

  • Refactor ClientResponse constructor: make logically required constructor arguments mandatory, drop _post_init() method. (#2820)

  • Use app.add_routes() in server docs everywhere (#2830)

  • Websockets refactoring, all websocket writer methods are converted into coroutines. (#2836)

  • Provide Content-Range header for Range requests (#2844)


  • Fix websocket client return EofStream. (#2784)

  • Fix websocket demo. (#2789)

  • Property BaseRequest.http_range now returns a python-like slice when requesting the tail of the range. It’s now indicated by a negative value in range.start rather then in range.stop (#2805)

  • Close a connection if an unexpected exception occurs while sending a request (#2827)

  • Fix firing DNS tracing events. (#2841)

Improved Documentation

  • Document behavior when cchardet detects encodings that are unknown to Python. (#2732)

  • Add diagrams for tracing request life style. (#2748)

  • Drop removed functionality for passing StreamReader as data at client side. (#2793)

3.0.9 (2018-03-14)

  • Close a connection if an unexpected exception occurs while sending a request (#2827)

3.0.8 (2018-03-12)

  • Use asyncio.current_task() on Python 3.7 (#2825)

3.0.7 (2018-03-08)

  • Fix SSL proxy support by client. (#2810)

  • Restore an imperative check in for python version. The check works in parallel to environment marker. As effect an error about unsupported Python versions is raised even on outdated systems with very old setuptools version installed. (#2813)

3.0.6 (2018-03-05)

  • Add _reuse_address and _reuse_port to web_runner.TCPSite.__slots__. (#2792)

3.0.5 (2018-02-27)

  • Fix InvalidStateError on processing a sequence of two RequestHandler.data_received calls on web server. (#2773)

3.0.4 (2018-02-26)

  • Fix IndexError in HTTP request handling by server. (#2752)

  • Fix MultipartWriter.append* no longer returning part/payload. (#2759)

3.0.3 (2018-02-25)

  • Relax attrs dependency to minimal actually supported version 17.0.3 The change allows to avoid version conflicts with currently existing test tools.

3.0.2 (2018-02-23)

Security Fix

  • Prevent Windows absolute URLs in static files. Paths like /static/D:\path and /static/\\hostname\drive\path are forbidden.


  • Technical release for fixing distribution problems.

3.0.0 (2018-02-12)


  • Speed up the PayloadWriter.write method for large request bodies. (#2126)

  • StreamResponse and Response are now MutableMappings. (#2246)

  • ClientSession publishes a set of signals to track the HTTP request execution. (#2313)

  • Content-Disposition fast access in ClientResponse (#2455)

  • Added support to Flask-style decorators with class-based Views. (#2472)

  • Signal handlers (registered callbacks) should be coroutines. (#2480)

  • Support async with test_client.ws_connect(...) (#2525)

  • Introduce site and application runner as underlying API for web.run_app implementation. (#2530)

  • Only quote multipart boundary when necessary and sanitize input (#2544)

  • Make the aiohttp.ClientResponse.get_encoding method public with the processing of invalid charset while detecting content encoding. (#2549)

  • Add optional configurable per message compression for ClientWebSocketResponse and WebSocketResponse. (#2551)

  • Add hysteresis to StreamReader to prevent flipping between paused and resumed states too often. (#2555)

  • Support .netrc by trust_env (#2581)

  • Avoid to create a new resource when adding a route with the same name and path of the last added resource (#2586)

  • MultipartWriter.boundary is str now. (#2589)

  • Allow a custom port to be used by TestServer (and associated pytest fixtures) (#2613)

  • Add param access_log_class to web.run_app function (#2615)

  • Add ssl parameter to client API (#2626)

  • Fixes performance issue introduced by #2577. When there are no middlewares installed by the user, no additional and useless code is executed. (#2629)

  • Rename PayloadWriter to StreamWriter (#2654)

  • New options reuse_port, reuse_address are added to run_app and TCPSite. (#2679)

  • Use custom classes to pass client signals parameters (#2686)

  • Use attrs library for data classes, replace namedtuple. (#2690)

  • Pytest fixtures renaming, add aiohttp_ prefix (#2578)

  • Add aiohttp- prefix for pytest-aiohttp command line parameters (#2578)


  • Correctly process upgrade request from server to HTTP2. aiohttp does not support HTTP2 yet, the protocol is not upgraded but response is handled correctly. (#2277)

  • Fix ClientConnectorSSLError and ClientProxyConnectionError for proxy connector (#2408)

  • Fix connector convert OSError to ClientConnectorError (#2423)

  • Fix connection attempts for multiple dns hosts (#2424)

  • Fix writing to closed transport by raising asyncio.CancelledError (#2499)

  • Fix warning in ClientSession.__del__ by stopping to try to close it. (#2523)

  • Fixed race-condition for iterating addresses from the DNSCache. (#2620)

  • Fix default value of access_log_format argument in web.run_app (#2649)

  • Freeze sub-application on adding to parent app (#2656)

  • Do percent encoding for .url_for() parameters (#2668)

  • Correctly process request start time and multiple request/response headers in access log extra (#2641)

Improved Documentation

  • Improve tutorial docs, using literalinclude to link to the actual files. (#2396)

  • Small improvement docs: better example for file uploads. (#2401)

  • Rename from_env to trust_env in client reference. (#2451)

  • Fixed mistype in Proxy Support section where trust_env parameter was used in session.get(“”, trust_env=True) method instead of aiohttp.ClientSession constructor as follows: aiohttp.ClientSession(trust_env=True). (#2688)

  • Fix issue with unittest example not compiling in testing docs. (#2717)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Simplify HTTP pipelining implementation (#2109)

  • Drop StreamReaderPayload and DataQueuePayload. (#2257)

  • Drop md5 and sha1 finger-prints (#2267)

  • Drop (#2321)

  • Drop Python 3.4 and Python 3.5.0, 3.5.1, 3.5.2. Minimal supported Python versions are 3.5.3 and 3.6.0. yield from is gone, use async/await syntax. (#2343)

  • Drop aiohttp.Timeout and use async_timeout.timeout instead. (#2348)

  • Drop resolve param from TCPConnector. (#2377)

  • Add DeprecationWarning for returning HTTPException (#2415)

  • send_str(), send_bytes(), send_json(), ping() and pong() are genuine async functions now. (#2475)

  • Drop undocumented app.on_pre_signal and app.on_post_signal. Signal handlers should be coroutines, support for regular functions is dropped. (#2480)

  • StreamResponse.drain() is not a part of public API anymore, just use await StreamResponse.write(). StreamResponse.write is converted to async function. (#2483)

  • Drop deprecated slow_request_timeout param and **kwargs` from RequestHandler. (#2500)

  • Drop deprecated resource.url(). (#2501)

  • Remove %u and %l format specifiers from access log format. (#2506)

  • Drop deprecated request.GET property. (#2547)

  • Simplify stream classes: drop ChunksQueue and FlowControlChunksQueue, merge FlowControlStreamReader functionality into StreamReader, drop FlowControlStreamReader name. (#2555)

  • Do not create a new resource on router.add_get(…, allow_head=True) (#2585)

  • Drop access to TCP tuning options from PayloadWriter and Response classes (#2604)

  • Drop deprecated encoding parameter from client API (#2606)

  • Deprecate verify_ssl, ssl_context and fingerprint parameters in client API (#2626)

  • Get rid of the legacy class StreamWriter. (#2651)

  • Forbid non-strings in resource.url_for() parameters. (#2668)

  • Deprecate inheritance from ClientSession and web.Application and custom user attributes for ClientSession, web.Request and web.Application (#2691)

  • Drop resp = await aiohttp.request(…) syntax for sake of async with aiohttp.request(…) as resp:. (#2540)

  • Forbid synchronous context managers for ClientSession and test server/client. (#2362)


  • #2552

2.3.10 (2018-02-02)

  • Fix 100% CPU usage on HTTP GET and websocket connection just after it (#1955)

  • Patch broken ssl.match_hostname() on Python<3.7 (#2674)

2.3.9 (2018-01-16)

  • Fix colon handing in path for dynamic resources (#2670)

2.3.8 (2018-01-15)

  • Do not use yarl.unquote internal function in aiohttp. Fix incorrectly unquoted path part in URL dispatcher (#2662)

  • Fix compatibility with yarl==1.0.0 (#2662)

2.3.7 (2017-12-27)

  • Fixed race-condition for iterating addresses from the DNSCache. (#2620)

  • Fix docstring for (#2591)

  • Fix docstring for request.remote (#2592)

2.3.6 (2017-12-04)

  • Correct context (for handlers not just middlewares). (#2577)

2.3.5 (2017-11-30)

  • Fix compatibility with pytest 3.3+ (#2565)

2.3.4 (2017-11-29)

  • Make point to proper application instance when using nested applications (with middlewares). (#2550)

  • Change base class of ClientConnectorSSLError to ClientSSLError from ClientConnectorError. (#2563)

  • Return client connection back to free pool on error in connector.connect(). (#2567)

2.3.3 (2017-11-17)

  • Having a ; in Response content type does not assume it contains a charset anymore. (#2197)

  • Use getattr(asyncio, ‘async’) for keeping compatibility with Python 3.7. (#2476)

  • Ignore NotImplementedError raised by set_child_watcher from uvloop. (#2491)

  • Fix warning in ClientSession.__del__ by stopping to try to close it. (#2523)

  • Fixed typo’s in Third-party libraries page. And added async-v20 to the list (#2510)

2.3.2 (2017-11-01)

  • Fix passing client max size on cloning request obj. (#2385)

  • Fix ClientConnectorSSLError and ClientProxyConnectionError for proxy connector. (#2408)

  • Drop generated _http_parser shared object from tarball distribution. (#2414)

  • Fix connector convert OSError to ClientConnectorError. (#2423)

  • Fix connection attempts for multiple dns hosts. (#2424)

  • Fix ValueError for AF_INET6 sockets if a preexisting INET6 socket to the aiohttp.web.run_app function. (#2431)

  • _SessionRequestContextManager closes the session properly now. (#2441)

  • Rename from_env to trust_env in client reference. (#2451)

2.3.1 (2017-10-18)

  • Relax attribute lookup in warning about old-styled middleware (#2340)

2.3.0 (2017-10-18)


  • Add SSL related params to ClientSession.request (#1128)

  • Make enable_compression work on HTTP/1.0 (#1828)

  • Deprecate registering synchronous web handlers (#1993)

  • Switch to multidict 3.0. All HTTP headers preserve casing now but compared in case-insensitive way. (#1994)

  • Improvement for normalize_path_middleware. Added possibility to handle URLs with query string. (#1995)

  • Use towncrier for CHANGES.txt build (#1997)

  • Implement trust_env=True param in ClientSession. (#1998)

  • Added variable to customize proxy headers (#2001)

  • Implement router.add_routes and router decorators. (#2004)

  • Deprecated BaseRequest.has_body in favor of BaseRequest.can_read_body Added BaseRequest.body_exists attribute that stays static for the lifetime of the request (#2005)

  • Provide BaseRequest.loop attribute (#2024)

  • Make _CoroGuard awaitable and fix ClientSession.close warning message (#2026)

  • Responses to redirects without Location header are returned instead of raising a RuntimeError (#2030)

  • Added get_client, get_server, setUpAsync and tearDownAsync methods to AioHTTPTestCase (#2032)

  • Add automatically a SafeChildWatcher to the test loop (#2058)

  • add ability to disable automatic response decompression (#2110)

  • Add support for throttling DNS request, avoiding the requests saturation when there is a miss in the DNS cache and many requests getting into the connector at the same time. (#2111)

  • Use request for getting access log information instead of message/transport pair. Add RequestBase.remote property for accessing to IP of client initiated HTTP request. (#2123)

  • json() raises a ContentTypeError exception if the content-type does not meet the requirements instead of raising a generic ClientResponseError. (#2136)

  • Make the HTTP client able to return HTTP chunks when chunked transfer encoding is used. (#2150)

  • add append_version arg into StaticResource.url and StaticResource.url_for methods for getting an url with hash (version) of the file. (#2157)

  • Fix parsing the Forwarded header. * commas and semicolons are allowed inside quoted-strings; * empty forwarded-pairs (as in for=_1;;by=_2) are allowed; * non-standard parameters are allowed (although this alone could be easily done in the previous parser). (#2173)

  • Don’t require ssl module to run. aiohttp does not require SSL to function. The code paths involved with SSL will only be hit upon SSL usage. Raise RuntimeError if HTTPS protocol is required but ssl module is not present. (#2221)

  • Accept coroutine fixtures in pytest plugin (#2223)

  • Call shutdown_asyncgens before event loop closing on Python 3.6. (#2227)

  • Speed up Signals when there are no receivers (#2229)

  • Raise InvalidURL instead of ValueError on fetches with invalid URL. (#2241)

  • Move DummyCookieJar into (#2242)

  • run_app: Make print=None disable printing (#2260)

  • Support brotli encoding (generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm) (#2270)

  • Add server support for WebSockets Per-Message Deflate. Add client option to add deflate compress header in WebSockets request header. If calling ClientSession.ws_connect() with compress=15 the client will support deflate compress negotiation. (#2273)

  • Support verify_ssl, fingerprint, ssl_context and proxy_headers by client.ws_connect. (#2292)

  • Added aiohttp.ClientConnectorSSLError when connection fails due ssl.SSLError (#2294)

  • aiohttp.web.Application.make_handler support access_log_class (#2315)

  • Build HTTP parser extension in non-strict mode by default. (#2332)


  • Clear auth information on redirecting to other domain (#1699)

  • Fix missing app.loop on startup hooks during tests (#2060)

  • Fix issue with synchronous session closing when using ClientSession as an asynchronous context manager. (#2063)

  • Fix issue with CookieJar incorrectly expiring cookies in some edge cases. (#2084)

  • Force use of IPv4 during test, this will make tests run in a Docker container (#2104)

  • Warnings about unawaited coroutines now correctly point to the user’s code. (#2106)

  • Fix issue with IndexError being raised by the StreamReader.iter_chunks() generator. (#2112)

  • Support HTTP 308 Permanent redirect in client class. (#2114)

  • Fix FileResponse sending empty chunked body on 304. (#2143)

  • Do not add Content-Length: 0 to GET/HEAD/TRACE/OPTIONS requests by default. (#2167)

  • Fix parsing the Forwarded header according to RFC 7239. (#2170)

  • Securely determining remote/scheme/host #2171 (#2171)

  • Fix header name parsing, if name is split into multiple lines (#2183)

  • Handle session close during connection, KeyError: <aiohttp.connector._TransportPlaceholder> (#2193)

  • Fixes uncaught TypeError in helpers.guess_filename if name is not a string (#2201)

  • Raise OSError on async DNS lookup if resolved domain is an alias for another one, which does not have an A or CNAME record. (#2231)

  • Fix incorrect warning in StreamReader. (#2251)

  • Properly clone state of web request (#2284)

  • Fix C HTTP parser for cases when status line is split into different TCP packets. (#2311)

  • Fix web.FileResponse overriding user supplied Content-Type (#2317)

Improved Documentation

  • Add a note about possible performance degradation in await resp.text() if charset was not provided by Content-Type HTTP header. Pass explicit encoding to solve it. (#1811)

  • Drop disqus widget from documentation pages. (#2018)

  • Add a graceful shutdown section to the client usage documentation. (#2039)

  • Document connector_owner parameter. (#2072)

  • Update the doc of web.Application (#2081)

  • Fix mistake about access log disabling. (#2085)

  • Add example usage of on_startup and on_shutdown signals by creating and disposing an aiopg connection engine. (#2131)

  • Document encoded=True for yarl.URL, it disables all yarl transformations. (#2198)

  • Document that all app’s middleware factories are run for every request. (#2225)

  • Reflect the fact that default resolver is threaded one starting from aiohttp 1.1 (#2228)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop deprecated Server.finish_connections (#2006)

  • Drop %O format from logging, use %b instead. Drop %e format from logging, environment variables are not supported anymore. (#2123)

  • Drop deprecated secure_proxy_ssl_header support (#2171)

  • Removed TimeService in favor of simple caching. TimeService also had a bug where it lost about 0.5 seconds per second. (#2176)

  • Drop unused response_factory from static files API (#2290)


  • #2013, #2014, #2048, #2094, #2149, #2187, #2214, #2225, #2243, #2248

2.2.5 (2017-08-03)

  • Don’t raise deprecation warning on loop.run_until_complete(client.close()) (#2065)

2.2.4 (2017-08-02)

  • Fix issue with synchronous session closing when using ClientSession as an asynchronous context manager. (#2063)

2.2.3 (2017-07-04)

  • Fix _CoroGuard for python 3.4

2.2.2 (2017-07-03)

  • Allow await session.close() along with yield from session.close()

2.2.1 (2017-07-02)

  • Relax yarl requirement to 0.11+

  • Backport #2026: session.close is a coroutine (#2029)

2.2.0 (2017-06-20)

  • Add doc for add_head, update doc for add_get. (#1944)

  • Fixed consecutive calls for Response.write_eof.

  • Retain method attributes (e.g. __doc__) when registering synchronous handlers for resources. (#1953)

  • Added signal TERM handling in run_app to gracefully exit (#1932)

  • Fix websocket issues caused by frame fragmentation. (#1962)

  • Raise RuntimeError is you try to set the Content Length and enable chunked encoding at the same time (#1941)

  • Small update for unittest_run_loop

  • Use CIMultiDict for ClientRequest.skip_auto_headers (#1970)

  • Fix wrong startup sequence: test server and run_app() are not raise DeprecationWarning now (#1947)

  • Make sure cleanup signal is sent if startup signal has been sent (#1959)

  • Fixed server keep-alive handler, could cause 100% cpu utilization (#1955)

  • Connection can be destroyed before response get processed if await aiohttp.request(..) is used (#1981)

  • MultipartReader does not work with -OO (#1969)

  • Fixed ClientPayloadError with blank Content-Encoding header (#1931)

  • Support deflate encoding implemented in (#1918)

  • Fix BadStatusLine caused by extra CRLF after POST data (#1792)

  • Keep a reference to ClientSession in response object (#1985)

  • Deprecate undocumented app.on_loop_available signal (#1978)

2.1.0 (2017-05-26)

  • Added support for experimental async-tokio event loop written in Rust

  • Write to transport \r\n before closing after keepalive timeout, otherwise client can not detect socket disconnection. (#1883)

  • Only call loop.close in run_app if the user did not supply a loop. Useful for allowing clients to specify their own cleanup before closing the asyncio loop if they wish to tightly control loop behavior

  • Content disposition with semicolon in filename (#917)

  • Added request_info to response object and ClientResponseError. (#1733)

  • Added history to ClientResponseError. (#1741)

  • Allow to disable redirect url re-quoting (#1474)

  • Handle RuntimeError from transport (#1790)

  • Dropped “%O” in access logger (#1673)

  • Added args and kwargs to unittest_run_loop. Useful with other decorators, for example @patch. (#1803)

  • Added iter_chunks to response.content object. (#1805)

  • Avoid creating TimerContext when there is no timeout to allow compatibility with Tornado. (#1817) (#1180)

  • Add proxy_from_env to ClientRequest to read from environment variables. (#1791)

  • Add DummyCookieJar helper. (#1830)

  • Fix assertion errors in Python 3.4 from noop helper. (#1847)

  • Do not unquote + in match_info values (#1816)

  • Use Forwarded, X-Forwarded-Scheme and X-Forwarded-Host for better scheme and host resolution. (#1134)

  • Fix sub-application middlewares resolution order (#1853)

  • Fix applications comparison (#1866)

  • Fix static location in index when prefix is used (#1662)

  • Make test server more reliable (#1896)

  • Extend list of web exceptions, add HTTPUnprocessableEntity, HTTPFailedDependency, HTTPInsufficientStorage status codes (#1920)

2.0.7 (2017-04-12)

  • Fix pypi distribution

  • Fix exception description (#1807)

  • Handle socket error in FileResponse (#1773)

  • Cancel websocket heartbeat on close (#1793)

2.0.6 (2017-04-04)

  • Keeping blank values for and multipart.form() (#1765)

  • TypeError in data_received of ResponseHandler (#1770)

  • Fix web.run_app not to bind to default host-port pair if only socket is passed (#1786)

2.0.5 (2017-03-29)

  • Memory leak with aiohttp.request (#1756)

  • Disable cleanup closed ssl transports by default.

  • Exception in request handling if the server responds before the body is sent (#1761)

2.0.4 (2017-03-27)

  • Memory leak with aiohttp.request (#1756)

  • Encoding is always UTF-8 in POST data (#1750)

  • Do not add “Content-Disposition” header by default (#1755)

2.0.3 (2017-03-24)

  • Call https website through proxy will cause error (#1745)

  • Fix exception on multipart/form-data post if content-type is not set (#1743)

2.0.2 (2017-03-21)

  • Fixed Application.on_loop_available signal (#1739)

  • Remove debug code

2.0.1 (2017-03-21)

  • Fix allow-head to include name on route (#1737)

  • Fixed AttributeError in WebSocketResponse.can_prepare (#1736)

2.0.0 (2017-03-20)

  • Added json to ClientSession.request() method (#1726)

  • Added session’s raise_for_status parameter, automatically calls raise_for_status() on any request. (#1724)

  • response.json() raises ClientResponseError exception if response’s content type does not match (#1723)

    • Cleanup timer and loop handle on any client exception.

  • Deprecate loop parameter for Application’s constructor

2.0.0rc1 (2017-03-15)

  • Properly handle payload errors (#1710)

  • Added ClientWebSocketResponse.get_extra_info() (#1717)

  • It is not possible to combine Transfer-Encoding and chunked parameter, same for compress and Content-Encoding (#1655)

  • Connector’s limit parameter indicates total concurrent connections. New limit_per_host added, indicates total connections per endpoint. (#1601)

  • Use url’s raw_host for name resolution (#1685)

  • Change ClientResponse.url to yarl.URL instance (#1654)

  • Add max_size parameter to web.Request reading methods (#1133)

  • Web stores data in temp files (#1469)

  • Add the allow_head=True keyword argument for add_get (#1618)

  • run_app and the Command Line Interface now support serving over Unix domain sockets for faster inter-process communication.

  • run_app now supports passing a preexisting socket object. This can be useful e.g. for socket-based activated applications, when binding of a socket is done by the parent process.

  • Implementation for Trailer headers parser is broken (#1619)

  • Fix FileResponse to not fall on bad request (range out of file size)

  • Fix FileResponse to correct stream video to Chromes

  • Deprecate public low-level api (#1657)

  • Deprecate encoding parameter for ClientSession.request() method

  • Dropped aiohttp.wsgi (#1108)

  • Dropped version from ClientSession.request() method

  • Dropped websocket version 76 support (#1160)

  • Dropped: aiohttp.protocol.HttpPrefixParser (#1590)

  • Dropped: Servers response’s .started, .start() and .can_start() method (#1591)

  • Dropped: Adding sub app via app.router.add_subapp() is deprecated use app.add_subapp() instead (#1592)

  • Dropped: Application.finish() and Application.register_on_finish() (#1602)

  • Dropped: web.Request.GET and web.Request.POST

  • Dropped: aiohttp.get(), aiohttp.options(), aiohttp.head(),, aiohttp.put(), aiohttp.patch(), aiohttp.delete(), and aiohttp.ws_connect() (#1593)

  • Dropped: aiohttp.web.WebSocketResponse.receive_msg() (#1605)

  • Dropped: ServerHttpProtocol.keep_alive_timeout attribute and keep-alive, keep_alive_on, timeout, log constructor parameters (#1606)

  • Dropped: TCPConnector’s` .resolve, .resolved_hosts, .clear_resolved_hosts() attributes and resolve constructor parameter (#1607)

  • Dropped ProxyConnector (#1609)

1.3.5 (2017-03-16)

  • Fixed None timeout support (#1720)

1.3.4 (2017-03-14)

  • Revert timeout handling in client request

  • Fix StreamResponse representation after eof

  • Fix file_sender to not fall on bad request (range out of file size)

  • Fix file_sender to correct stream video to Chromes

  • Fix NotImplementedError server exception (#1703)

  • Clearer error message for URL without a host name. (#1691)

  • Silence deprecation warning in __repr__ (#1690)

  • IDN + HTTPS = ssl.CertificateError (#1685)

1.3.3 (2017-02-19)

  • Fixed memory leak in time service (#1656)

1.3.2 (2017-02-16)

  • Awaiting on WebSocketResponse.send_* does not work (#1645)

  • Fix multiple calls to client ws_connect when using a shared header dict (#1643)

  • Make CookieJar.filter_cookies() accept plain string parameter. (#1636)

1.3.1 (2017-02-09)

  • Handle CLOSING in WebSocketResponse.__anext__

  • Fixed AttributeError ‘drain’ for server websocket handler (#1613)

1.3.0 (2017-02-08)

  • Multipart writer validates the data on append instead of on a request send (#920)

  • Multipart reader accepts multipart messages with or without their epilogue to consistently handle valid and legacy behaviors (#1526) (#1581)

  • Separate read + connect + request timeouts # 1523

  • Do not swallow Upgrade header (#1587)

  • Fix polls demo run application (#1487)

  • Ignore unknown 1XX status codes in client (#1353)

  • Fix sub-Multipart messages missing their headers on serialization (#1525)

  • Do not use readline when reading the content of a part in the multipart reader (#1535)

  • Add optional flag for quoting FormData fields (#916)

  • 416 Range Not Satisfiable if requested range end > file size (#1588)

  • Having a : or @ in a route does not work (#1552)

  • Added receive_timeout timeout for websocket to receive complete message. (#1325)

  • Added heartbeat parameter for websocket to automatically send ping message. (#1024) (#777)

  • Remove web.Application dependency from web.UrlDispatcher (#1510)

  • Accepting back-pressure from slow websocket clients (#1367)

  • Do not pause transport during set_parser stage (#1211)

  • Lingering close does not terminate before timeout (#1559)

  • setsockopt may raise OSError exception if socket is closed already (#1595)

  • Lots of CancelledError when requests are interrupted (#1565)

  • Allow users to specify what should happen to decoding errors when calling a responses text() method (#1542)

  • Back port std module http.cookies for python3.4.2 (#1566)

  • Maintain url’s fragment in client response (#1314)

  • Allow concurrently close WebSocket connection (#754)

  • Gzipped responses with empty body raises ContentEncodingError (#609)

  • Return 504 if request handle raises TimeoutError.

  • Refactor how we use keep-alive and close lingering timeouts.

  • Close response connection if we can not consume whole http message during client response release

  • Abort closed ssl client transports, broken servers can keep socket open un-limit time (#1568)

  • Log warning instead of RuntimeError is websocket connection is closed.

  • Deprecated: aiohttp.protocol.HttpPrefixParser will be removed in 1.4 (#1590)

  • Deprecated: Servers response’s .started, .start() and .can_start() method will be removed in 1.4 (#1591)

  • Deprecated: Adding sub app via app.router.add_subapp() is deprecated use app.add_subapp() instead, will be removed in 1.4 (#1592)

  • Deprecated: aiohttp.get(), aiohttp.options(), aiohttp.head(),, aiohttp.put(), aiohttp.patch(), aiohttp.delete(), and aiohttp.ws_connect() will be removed in 1.4 (#1593)

  • Deprecated: Application.finish() and Application.register_on_finish() will be removed in 1.4 (#1602)

1.2.0 (2016-12-17)

  • Extract BaseRequest from web.Request, introduce web.Server (former RequestHandlerFactory), introduce new low-level web server which is not coupled with web.Application and routing (#1362)

  • Make TestServer.make_url compatible with yarl.URL (#1389)

  • Implement range requests for static files (#1382)

  • Support task attribute for StreamResponse (#1410)

  • Drop property, use instead (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

  • Drop TestClient.handler property, use TestClient.server.handler instead (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

  • TestClient.server property returns a test server instance, was asyncio.AbstractServer (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

  • Follow gunicorn’s signal semantics in Gunicorn[UVLoop]WebWorker (#1201)

  • Call worker_int and worker_abort callbacks in Gunicorn[UVLoop]WebWorker (#1202)

  • Has functional tests for client proxy (#1218)

  • Fix bugs with client proxy target path and proxy host with port (#1413)

  • Fix bugs related to the use of unicode hostnames (#1444)

  • Preserve cookie quoting/escaping (#1453)

  • FileSender will send gzipped response if gzip version available (#1426)

  • Don’t override Content-Length header in web.Response if no body was set (#1400)

  • Introduce router.post_init() for solving (#1373)

  • Fix raise error in case of multiple calls of TimeServive.stop()

  • Allow to raise web exceptions on router resolving stage (#1460)

  • Add a warning for session creation outside of coroutine (#1468)

  • Avoid a race when application might start accepting incoming requests but startup signals are not processed yet e98e8c6

  • Raise a RuntimeError when trying to change the status of the HTTP response after the headers have been sent (#1480)

  • Fix bug with https proxy acquired cleanup (#1340)

  • Use UTF-8 as the default encoding for multipart text parts (#1484)

1.1.6 (2016-11-28)

  • Fix BodyPartReader.read_chunk bug about returns zero bytes before EOF (#1428)

1.1.5 (2016-11-16)

  • Fix static file serving in fallback mode (#1401)

1.1.4 (2016-11-14)

  • Make TestServer.make_url compatible with yarl.URL (#1389)

  • Generate informative exception on redirects from server which does not provide redirection headers (#1396)

1.1.3 (2016-11-10)

  • Support root resources for sub-applications (#1379)

1.1.2 (2016-11-08)

  • Allow starting variables with an underscore (#1379)

  • Properly process UNIX sockets by gunicorn worker (#1375)

  • Fix ordering for FrozenList

  • Don’t propagate pre and post signals to sub-application (#1377)

1.1.1 (2016-11-04)

  • Fix documentation generation (#1120)

1.1.0 (2016-11-03)

  • Drop deprecated WSClientDisconnectedError (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

  • Use yarl.URL in client API. The change is 99% backward compatible but ClientResponse.url is an yarl.URL instance now. (#1217)

  • Close idle keep-alive connections on shutdown (#1222)

  • Modify regex in AccessLogger to accept underscore and numbers (#1225)

  • Use yarl.URL in web server API. web.Request.rel_url and web.Request.url are added. URLs and templates are percent-encoded now. (#1224)

  • Accept yarl.URL by server redirections (#1278)

  • Return yarl.URL by .make_url() testing utility (#1279)

  • Properly format IPv6 addresses by aiohttp.web.run_app (#1139)

  • Use yarl.URL by server API (#1288)

    • Introduce resource.url_for(), deprecate resource.url().

    • Implement StaticResource.

    • Inherit SystemRoute from AbstractRoute

    • Drop old-style routes: Route, PlainRoute, DynamicRoute, StaticRoute, ResourceAdapter.

  • Revert resp.url back to str, introduce resp.url_obj (#1292)

  • Raise ValueError if BasicAuth login has a “:” character (#1307)

  • Fix bug when ClientRequest send payload file with opened as open(‘filename’, ‘r+b’) (#1306)

  • Enhancement to AccessLogger (pass extra dict) (#1303)

  • Show more verbose message on import errors (#1319)

  • Added save and load functionality for CookieJar (#1219)

  • Added option on StaticRoute to follow symlinks (#1299)

  • Force encoding of application/json content type to utf-8 (#1339)

  • Fix invalid invocations of errors.LineTooLong (#1335)

  • Websockets: Stop async for iteration when connection is closed (#1144)

  • Ensure TestClient HTTP methods return a context manager (#1318)

  • Raise ClientDisconnectedError to FlowControlStreamReader read function if ClientSession object is closed by client when reading data. (#1323)

  • Document deployment without Gunicorn (#1120)

  • Add deprecation warning for MD5 and SHA1 digests when used for fingerprint of site certs in TCPConnector. (#1186)

  • Implement sub-applications (#1301)

  • Don’t inherit web.Request from dict but implement MutableMapping protocol.

  • Implement frozen signals

  • Don’t inherit web.Application from dict but implement MutableMapping protocol.

  • Support freezing for web applications

  • Accept access_log parameter in web.run_app, use None to disable logging

  • Don’t flap tcp_cork and tcp_nodelay in regular request handling. tcp_nodelay is still enabled by default.

  • Improve performance of web server by removing premature computing of Content-Type if the value was set by web.Response constructor.

    While the patch boosts speed of trivial web.Response(text=’OK’, content_type=’text/plain) very well please don’t expect significant boost of your application – a couple DB requests and business logic is still the main bottleneck.

  • Boost performance by adding a custom time service (#1350)

  • Extend ClientResponse with content_type and charset properties like in web.Request. (#1349)

  • Disable aiodns by default (#559)

  • Don’t flap tcp_cork in client code, use TCP_NODELAY mode by default.

  • Implement web.Request.clone() (#1361)

1.0.5 (2016-10-11)

  • Fix StreamReader._read_nowait to return all available data up to the requested amount (#1297)

1.0.4 (2016-09-22)

  • Fix FlowControlStreamReader.read_nowait so that it checks whether the transport is paused (#1206)

1.0.2 (2016-09-22)

  • Make CookieJar compatible with 32-bit systems (#1188)

  • Add missing WSMsgType to web_ws.__all__, see (#1200)

  • Fix CookieJar ctor when called with loop=None (#1203)

  • Fix broken upper-casing in wsgi support (#1197)

1.0.1 (2016-09-16)

  • Restore aiohttp.web.MsgType alias for aiohttp.WSMsgType for sake of backward compatibility (#1178)

  • Tune alabaster schema.

  • Use text/html content type for displaying index pages by static file handler.

  • Fix AssertionError in static file handling (#1177)

  • Fix access log formats %O and %b for static file handling

  • Remove debug setting of GunicornWorker, use app.debug to control its debug-mode instead

1.0.0 (2016-09-16)

  • Change default size for client session’s connection pool from unlimited to 20 (#977)

  • Add IE support for cookie deletion. (#994)

  • Remove deprecated WebSocketResponse.wait_closed method (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

  • Remove deprecated force parameter for ClientResponse.close method (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

  • Avoid using of mutable CIMultiDict kw param in make_mocked_request (#997)

  • Make WebSocketResponse.close a little bit faster by avoiding new task creating just for timeout measurement

  • Add proxy and proxy_auth params to client.get() and family, deprecate ProxyConnector (#998)

  • Add support for websocket send_json and receive_json, synchronize server and client API for websockets (#984)

  • Implement router shourtcuts for most useful HTTP methods, use app.router.add_get(), app.router.add_post() etc. instead of app.router.add_route() (#986)

  • Support SSL connections for gunicorn worker (#1003)

  • Move obsolete examples to legacy folder

  • Switch to multidict 2.0 and title-cased strings (#1015)

  • {FOO}e logger format is case-sensitive now

  • Fix logger report for unix socket 8e8469b

  • Rename aiohttp.websocket to aiohttp._ws_impl

  • Rename aiohttp.MsgType tp aiohttp.WSMsgType

  • Introduce aiohttp.WSMessage officially

  • Rename Message -> WSMessage

  • Remove deprecated decode param from

  • Use 5min default client timeout (#1028)

  • Relax HTTP method validation in UrlDispatcher (#1037)

  • Pin minimal supported asyncio version to 3.4.2+ (loop.is_close() should be present)

  • Remove aiohttp.websocket module (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE) Please use high-level client and server approaches

  • Link header for 451 status code is mandatory

  • Fix test_client fixture to allow multiple clients per test (#1072)

  • make_mocked_request now accepts dict as headers (#1073)

  • Add Python 3.5.2/3.6+ compatibility patch for async generator protocol change (#1082)

  • Improvement test_client can accept instance object (#1083)

  • Simplify ServerHttpProtocol implementation (#1060)

  • Add a flag for optional showing directory index for static file handling (#921)

  • Define web.Application.on_startup() signal handler (#1103)

  • Drop ChunkedParser and LinesParser (#1111)

  • Call Application.startup in GunicornWebWorker (#1105)

  • Fix client handling hostnames with 63 bytes when a port is given in the url (#1044)

  • Implement proxy support for ClientSession.ws_connect (#1025)

  • Return named tuple from WebSocketResponse.can_prepare (#1016)

  • Fix access_log_format in GunicornWebWorker (#1117)

  • Setup Content-Type to application/octet-stream by default (#1124)

  • Deprecate debug parameter from app.make_handler(), use Application(debug=True) instead (#1121)

  • Remove fragment string in request path (#846)

  • Use aiodns.DNSResolver.gethostbyname() if available (#1136)

  • Fix static file sending on uvloop when sendfile is available (#1093)

  • Make prettier urls if query is empty dict (#1143)

  • Fix redirects for HEAD requests (#1147)

  • Default value for StreamReader.read_nowait is -1 from now (#1150)

  • aiohttp.StreamReader is not inherited from asyncio.StreamReader from now (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE) (#1150)

  • Streams documentation added (#1150)

  • Add multipart coroutine method for web Request object (#1067)

  • Publish ClientSession.loop property (#1149)

  • Fix static file with spaces (#1140)

  • Fix piling up asyncio loop by cookie expiration callbacks (#1061)

  • Drop Timeout class for sake of async_timeout external library. aiohttp.Timeout is an alias for async_timeout.timeout

  • use_dns_cache parameter of aiohttp.TCPConnector is True by default (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE) (#1152)

  • aiohttp.TCPConnector uses asynchronous DNS resolver if available by default (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE) (#1152)

  • Conform to RFC3986 - do not include url fragments in client requests (#1174)

  • Drop ClientSession.cookies (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE) (#1173)

  • Refactor AbstractCookieJar public API (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE) (#1173)

  • Fix clashing cookies with have the same name but belong to different domains (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE) (#1125)

  • Support binary Content-Transfer-Encoding (#1169)

0.22.5 (08-02-2016)

  • Pin miltidict version to >=1.2.2

0.22.3 (07-26-2016)

  • Do not filter cookies if unsafe flag provided (#1005)

0.22.2 (07-23-2016)

  • Suppress CancelledError when Timeout raises TimeoutError (#970)

  • Don’t expose aiohttp.__version__

  • Add unsafe parameter to CookieJar (#968)

  • Use unsafe cookie jar in test client tools

  • Expose aiohttp.CookieJar name

0.22.1 (07-16-2016)

  • Large cookie expiration/max-age does not break an event loop from now (fixes (#967))

0.22.0 (07-15-2016)

  • Fix bug in serving static directory (#803)

  • Fix command line arg parsing (#797)

  • Fix a documentation chapter about cookie usage (#790)

  • Handle empty body with gzipped encoding (#758)

  • Support 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons http status (#697)

  • Fix Cookie share example and few small typos in docs (#817)

  • UrlDispatcher.add_route with partial coroutine handler (#814)

  • Optional support for aiodns (#728)

  • Add ServiceRestart and TryAgainLater websocket close codes (#828)

  • Fix prompt message for web.run_app (#832)

  • Allow to pass None as a timeout value to disable timeout logic (#834)

  • Fix leak of connection slot during connection error (#835)

  • Gunicorn worker with uvloop support aiohttp.worker.GunicornUVLoopWebWorker (#878)

  • Don’t send body in response to HEAD request (#838)

  • Skip the preamble in MultipartReader (#881)

  • Implement BasicAuth decode classmethod. (#744)

  • Don’t crash logger when transport is None (#889)

  • Use a create_future compatibility wrapper instead of creating Futures directly (#896)

  • Add test utilities to aiohttp (#902)

  • Improve Request.__repr__ (#875)

  • Skip DNS resolving if provided host is already an ip address (#874)

  • Add headers to ClientSession.ws_connect (#785)

  • Document that server can send pre-compressed data (#906)

  • Don’t add Content-Encoding and Transfer-Encoding if no body (#891)

  • Add json() convenience methods to websocket message objects (#897)

  • Add client_resp.raise_for_status() (#908)

  • Implement cookie filter (#799)

  • Include an example of middleware to handle error pages (#909)

  • Fix error handling in StaticFileMixin (#856)

  • Add mocked request helper (#900)

  • Fix empty ALLOW Response header for cls based View (#929)

  • Respect CONNECT method to implement a proxy server (#847)

  • Add pytest_plugin (#914)

  • Add tutorial

  • Add backlog option to support more than 128 (default value in “create_server” function) concurrent connections (#892)

  • Allow configuration of header size limits (#912)

  • Separate sending file logic from StaticRoute dispatcher (#901)

  • Drop deprecated share_cookies connector option (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

  • Drop deprecated support for tuple as auth parameter. Use aiohttp.BasicAuth instead (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

  • Remove deprecated request.payload property, use content instead. (BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE)

  • Drop all mentions about api changes in documentation for versions older than 0.16

  • Allow to override default cookie jar (#963)

  • Add manylinux wheel builds

  • Dup a socket for sendfile usage (#964)

0.21.6 (05-05-2016)

  • Drop initial query parameters on redirects (#853)

0.21.5 (03-22-2016)

  • Fix command line arg parsing (#797)

0.21.4 (03-12-2016)

  • Fix ResourceAdapter: don’t add method to allowed if resource is not match (#826)

  • Fix Resource: append found method to returned allowed methods

0.21.2 (02-16-2016)

  • Fix a regression: support for handling ~/path in static file routes was broken (#782)

0.21.1 (02-10-2016)

  • Make new resources classes public (#767)

  • Add router.resources() view

  • Fix cmd-line parameter names in doc

0.21.0 (02-04-2016)

  • Introduce on_shutdown signal (#722)

  • Implement raw input headers (#726)

  • Implement web.run_app utility function (#734)

  • Introduce on_cleanup signal

  • Deprecate Application.finish() / Application.register_on_finish() in favor of on_cleanup.

  • Get rid of bare aiohttp.request(), aiohttp.get() and family in docs (#729)

  • Deprecate bare aiohttp.request(), aiohttp.get() and family (#729)

  • Refactor keep-alive support (#737):

    • Enable keepalive for HTTP 1.0 by default

    • Disable it for HTTP 0.9 (who cares about 0.9, BTW?)

    • For keepalived connections

      • Send Connection: keep-alive for HTTP 1.0 only

      • don’t send Connection header for HTTP 1.1

    • For non-keepalived connections

      • Send Connection: close for HTTP 1.1 only

      • don’t send Connection header for HTTP 1.0

  • Add version parameter to ClientSession constructor, deprecate it for session.request() and family (#736)

  • Enable access log by default (#735)

  • Deprecate app.router.register_route() (the method was not documented intentionally BTW).

  • Deprecate app.router.named_routes() in favor of app.router.named_resources()

  • route.add_static accepts pathlib.Path now (#743)

  • Add command line support: $ python -m aiohttp.web package.main (#740)

  • FAQ section was added to docs. Enjoy and fill free to contribute new topics

  • Add async context manager support to ClientSession

  • Document ClientResponse’s host, method, url properties

  • Use CORK/NODELAY in client API (#748)

  • ClientSession.close and Connector.close are coroutines now

  • Close client connection on exception in ClientResponse.release()

  • Allow to read multipart parts without content-length specified (#750)

  • Add support for unix domain sockets to gunicorn worker (#470)

  • Add test for default Expect handler (#601)

  • Add the first demo project

  • Rename loader keyword argument in web.Request.json method. (#646)

  • Add local socket binding for TCPConnector (#678)

0.20.2 (01-07-2016)

  • Enable use of await for a class based view (#717)

  • Check address family to fill wsgi env properly (#718)

  • Fix memory leak in headers processing (thanks to Marco Paolini) (#723)

0.20.1 (12-30-2015)

  • Raise RuntimeError is Timeout context manager was used outside of task context.

  • Add number of bytes to stream.read_nowait (#700)

  • Use X-FORWARDED-PROTO for wsgi.url_scheme when available

0.20.0 (12-28-2015)

  • Extend list of web exceptions, add HTTPMisdirectedRequest, HTTPUpgradeRequired, HTTPPreconditionRequired, HTTPTooManyRequests, HTTPRequestHeaderFieldsTooLarge, HTTPVariantAlsoNegotiates, HTTPNotExtended, HTTPNetworkAuthenticationRequired status codes (#644)

  • Do not remove AUTHORIZATION header by WSGI handler (#649)

  • Fix broken support for https proxies with authentication (#617)

  • Get REMOTE_* and SEVER_* http vars from headers when listening on unix socket (#654)

  • Add HTTP 308 support (#663)

  • Add Tf format (time to serve request in seconds, %06f format) to access log (#669)

  • Remove one and a half years long deprecated ClientResponse.read_and_close() method

  • Optimize chunked encoding: use a single syscall instead of 3 calls on sending chunked encoded data

  • Use TCP_CORK and TCP_NODELAY to optimize network latency and throughput (#680)

  • Websocket XOR performance improved (#687)

  • Avoid sending cookie attributes in Cookie header (#613)

  • Round server timeouts to seconds for grouping pending calls. That leads to less amount of poller syscalls e.g. epoll.poll(). (#702)

  • Close connection on websocket handshake error (#703)

  • Implement class based views (#684)

  • Add headers parameter to ws_connect() (#709)

  • Drop unused function parse_remote_addr() (#708)

  • Close session on exception (#707)

  • Store http code and headers in WSServerHandshakeError (#706)

  • Make some low-level message properties readonly (#710)

0.19.0 (11-25-2015)

  • Memory leak in ParserBuffer (#579)

  • Support gunicorn’s max_requests settings in gunicorn worker

  • Fix wsgi environment building (#573)

  • Improve access logging (#572)

  • Drop unused host and port from low-level server (#586)

  • Add Python 3.5 async for implementation to server websocket (#543)

  • Add Python 3.5 async for implementation to client websocket

  • Add Python 3.5 async with implementation to client websocket

  • Add charset parameter to web.Response constructor (#593)

  • Forbid passing both Content-Type header and content_type or charset params into web.Response constructor

  • Forbid duplicating of web.Application and web.Request (#602)

  • Add an option to pass Origin header in ws_connect (#607)

  • Add json_response function (#592)

  • Make concurrent connections respect limits (#581)

  • Collect history of responses if redirects occur (#614)

  • Enable passing pre-compressed data in requests (#621)

  • Expose named routes via UrlDispatcher.named_routes() (#622)

  • Allow disabling sendfile by environment variable AIOHTTP_NOSENDFILE (#629)

  • Use ensure_future if available

  • Always quote params for Content-Disposition (#641)

  • Support async for in multipart reader (#640)

  • Add Timeout context manager (#611)

0.18.4 (13-11-2015)

  • Relax rule for router names again by adding dash to allowed characters: they may contain identifiers, dashes, dots and columns

0.18.3 (25-10-2015)

  • Fix formatting for _RequestContextManager helper (#590)

0.18.2 (22-10-2015)

  • Fix regression for OpenSSL < 1.0.0 (#583)

0.18.1 (20-10-2015)

  • Relax rule for router names: they may contain dots and columns starting from now

0.18.0 (19-10-2015)

  • Use errors.HttpProcessingError.message as HTTP error reason and message (#459)

  • Optimize cythonized multidict a bit

  • Change repr’s of multidicts and multidict views

  • default headers in ClientSession are now case-insensitive

  • Make ‘=’ char and ‘wss://’ schema safe in urls (#477)

  • ClientResponse.close() forces connection closing by default from now (#479)

    N.B. Backward incompatible change: was .close(force=False) Using `force parameter for the method is deprecated: use .release() instead.

  • Properly requote URL’s path (#480)

  • add skip_auto_headers parameter for client API (#486)

  • Properly parse URL path in aiohttp.web.Request (#489)

  • Raise RuntimeError when chunked enabled and HTTP is 1.0 (#488)

  • Fix a bug with processing io.BytesIO as data parameter for client API (#500)

  • Skip auto-generation of Content-Type header (#507)

  • Use sendfile facility for static file handling (#503)

  • Default response_factory in app.router.add_static now is StreamResponse, not None. The functionality is not changed if default is not specified.

  • Drop ClientResponse.message attribute, it was always implementation detail.

  • Streams are optimized for speed and mostly memory in case of a big HTTP message sizes (#496)

  • Fix a bug for server-side cookies for dropping cookie and setting it again without Max-Age parameter.

  • Don’t trim redirect URL in client API (#499)

  • Extend precision of access log “D” to milliseconds (#527)

  • Deprecate StreamResponse.start() method in favor of StreamResponse.prepare() coroutine (#525)

    .start() is still supported but responses begun with .start() does not call signal for response preparing to be sent.

  • Add StreamReader.__repr__

  • Drop Python 3.3 support, from now minimal required version is Python 3.4.1 (#541)

  • Add async with support for ClientSession.request() and family (#536)

  • Ignore message body on 204 and 304 responses (#505)

  • TCPConnector processed both IPv4 and IPv6 by default (#559)

  • Add .routes() view for urldispatcher (#519)

  • Route name should be a valid identifier name from now (#567)

  • Implement server signals (#562)

  • Drop a year-old deprecated files parameter from client API.

  • Added async for support for aiohttp stream (#542)

0.17.4 (09-29-2015)

  • Properly parse URL path in aiohttp.web.Request (#489)

  • Add missing coroutine decorator, the client api is await-compatible now

0.17.3 (08-28-2015)

  • Remove Content-Length header on compressed responses (#450)

  • Support Python 3.5

  • Improve performance of transport in-use list (#472)

  • Fix connection pooling (#473)

0.17.2 (08-11-2015)

  • Don’t forget to pass data argument forward (#462)

  • Fix multipart read bytes count (#463)

0.17.1 (08-10-2015)

  • Fix multidict comparison to arbitrary abc.Mapping

0.17.0 (08-04-2015)

  • Make StaticRoute support Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since headers (#386)

  • Add Request.if_modified_since and Stream.Response.last_modified properties

  • Fix deflate compression when writing a chunked response (#395)

  • Request`s content-length header is cleared now after redirect from POST method (#391)

  • Return a 400 if server received a non HTTP content (#405)

  • Fix keep-alive support for aiohttp clients (#406)

  • Allow gzip compression in high-level server response interface (#403)

  • Rename TCPConnector.resolve and family to dns_cache (#415)

  • Make UrlDispatcher ignore quoted characters during url matching (#414) Backward-compatibility warning: this may change the url matched by your queries if they send quoted character (like %2F for /) (#414)

  • Use optional cchardet accelerator if present (#418)

  • Borrow loop from Connector in ClientSession if loop is not set

  • Add context manager support to ClientSession for session closing.

  • Add toplevel get(), post(), put(), head(), delete(), options(), patch() coroutines.

  • Fix IPv6 support for client API (#425)

  • Pass SSL context through proxy connector (#421)

  • Make the rule: path for add_route should start with slash

  • Don’t process request finishing by low-level server on closed event loop

  • Don’t override data if multiple files are uploaded with same key (#433)

  • Ensure multipart.BodyPartReader.read_chunk read all the necessary data to avoid false assertions about malformed multipart payload

  • Don’t send body for 204, 205 and 304 http exceptions (#442)

  • Correctly skip Cython compilation in MSVC not found (#453)

  • Add response factory to StaticRoute (#456)

  • Don’t append trailing CRLF for multipart.BodyPartReader (#454)

0.16.6 (07-15-2015)

  • Skip compilation on Windows if vcvarsall.bat cannot be found (#438)

0.16.5 (06-13-2015)

  • Get rid of all comprehensions and yielding in _multidict (#410)

0.16.4 (06-13-2015)

  • Don’t clear current exception in multidict’s __repr__ (cythonized versions) (#410)

0.16.3 (05-30-2015)

  • Fix StaticRoute vulnerability to directory traversal attacks (#380)

0.16.2 (05-27-2015)

  • Update python version required for __del__ usage: it’s actually 3.4.1 instead of 3.4.0

  • Add check for presence of loop.is_closed() method before call the former (#378)

0.16.1 (05-27-2015)

  • Fix regression in static file handling (#377)

0.16.0 (05-26-2015)

  • Unset waiter future after cancellation (#363)

  • Update request url with query parameters (#372)

  • Support new fingerprint param of TCPConnector to enable verifying SSL certificates via MD5, SHA1, or SHA256 digest (#366)

  • Setup uploaded filename if field value is binary and transfer encoding is not specified (#349)

  • Implement ClientSession.close() method

  • Implement connector.closed readonly property

  • Implement ClientSession.closed readonly property

  • Implement ClientSession.connector readonly property

  • Implement ClientSession.detach method

  • Add __del__ to client-side objects: sessions, connectors, connections, requests, responses.

  • Refactor connections cleanup by connector (#357)

  • Add limit parameter to connector constructor (#358)

  • Add request.has_body property (#364)

  • Add response_class parameter to ws_connect() (#367)

  • ProxyConnector does not support keep-alive requests by default starting from now (#368)

  • Add connector.force_close property

  • Add ws_connect to ClientSession (#374)

  • Support optional chunk_size parameter in router.add_static()

0.15.3 (04-22-2015)

  • Fix graceful shutdown handling

  • Fix Expect header handling for not found and not allowed routes (#340)

0.15.2 (04-19-2015)

  • Flow control subsystem refactoring

  • HTTP server performance optimizations

  • Allow to match any request method with *

  • Explicitly call drain on transport (#316)

  • Make chardet module dependency mandatory (#318)

  • Support keep-alive for HTTP 1.0 (#325)

  • Do not chunk single file during upload (#327)

  • Add ClientSession object for cookie storage and default headers (#328)

  • Add keep_alive_on argument for HTTP server handler.

0.15.1 (03-31-2015)

  • Pass Autobahn Testsuite tests

  • Fixed websocket fragmentation

  • Fixed websocket close procedure

  • Fixed parser buffer limits

  • Added timeout parameter to WebSocketResponse ctor

  • Added WebSocketResponse.close_code attribute

0.15.0 (03-27-2015)

  • Client WebSockets support

  • New Multipart system (#273)

  • Support for “Except” header (#287) (#267)

  • Set default Content-Type for post requests (#184)

  • Fix issue with construction dynamic route with regexps and trailing slash (#266)

  • Add repr to web.Request

  • Add repr to web.Response

  • Add repr for NotFound and NotAllowed match infos

  • Add repr for web.Application

  • Add repr to UrlMappingMatchInfo (#217)

  • Gunicorn 19.2.x compatibility

0.14.4 (01-29-2015)

  • Fix issue with error during constructing of url with regex parts (#264)

0.14.3 (01-28-2015)

  • Use path=’/’ by default for cookies (#261)

0.14.2 (01-23-2015)

  • Connections leak in BaseConnector (#253)

  • Do not swallow websocket reader exceptions (#255)

  • web.Request’s read, text, json are memorized (#250)

0.14.1 (01-15-2015)

  • HttpMessage._add_default_headers does not overwrite existing headers (#216)

  • Expose multidict classes at package level

  • add aiohttp.web.WebSocketResponse

  • According to RFC 6455 websocket subprotocol preference order is provided by client, not by server

  • websocket’s ping and pong accept optional message parameter

  • multidict views do not accept getall parameter anymore, it returns the full body anyway.

  • multidicts have optional Cython optimization, cythonized version of multidicts is about 5 times faster than pure Python.

  • multidict.getall() returns list, not tuple.

  • Backward incompatible change: now there are two mutable multidicts (MultiDict, CIMultiDict) and two immutable multidict proxies (MultiDictProxy and CIMultiDictProxy). Previous edition of multidicts was not a part of public API BTW.

  • Router refactoring to push Not Allowed and Not Found in middleware processing

  • Convert ConnectionError to aiohttp.DisconnectedError and don’t eat ConnectionError exceptions from web handlers.

  • Remove hop headers from Response class, wsgi response still uses hop headers.

  • Allow to send raw chunked encoded response.

  • Allow to encode output bytes stream into chunked encoding.

  • Allow to compress output bytes stream with deflate encoding.

  • Server has 75 seconds keepalive timeout now, was non-keepalive by default.

  • Application does not accept **kwargs anymore ((#243)).

  • Request is inherited from dict now for making per-request storage to middlewares ((#242)).

0.13.1 (12-31-2014)

  • Add aiohttp.web.StreamResponse.started property (#213)

  • HTML escape traceback text in ServerHttpProtocol.handle_error

  • Mention handler and middlewares in aiohttp.web.RequestHandler.handle_request on error ((#218))

0.13.0 (12-29-2014)

  • StreamResponse.charset converts value to lower-case on assigning.

  • Chain exceptions when raise ClientRequestError.

  • Support custom regexps in route variables (#204)

  • Fixed graceful shutdown, disable keep-alive on connection closing.

  • Decode HTTP message with utf-8 encoding, some servers send headers in utf-8 encoding (#207)

  • Support aiohtt.web middlewares (#209)

  • Add ssl_context to TCPConnector (#206)

0.12.0 (12-12-2014)

  • Deep refactoring of aiohttp.web in backward-incompatible manner. Sorry, we have to do this.

  • Automatically force aiohttp.web handlers to coroutines in UrlDispatcher.add_route() (#186)

  • Rename Request.POST() function to

  • Added POST attribute

  • Response processing refactoring: constructor does not accept Request instance anymore.

  • Pass application instance to finish callback

  • Exceptions refactoring

  • Do not unquote query string in aiohttp.web.Request

  • Fix concurrent access to payload in RequestHandle.handle_request()

  • Add access logging to aiohttp.web

  • Gunicorn worker for aiohttp.web

  • Removed deprecated AsyncGunicornWorker

  • Removed deprecated HttpClient

0.11.0 (11-29-2014)

  • Support named routes in aiohttp.web.UrlDispatcher (#179)

  • Make websocket subprotocols conform to spec (#181)

0.10.2 (11-19-2014)

  • Don’t unquote environ[‘PATH_INFO’] in (#177)

0.10.1 (11-17-2014)

  • aiohttp.web.HTTPException and descendants now files response body with string like 404: NotFound

  • Fix multidict __iter__, the method should iterate over keys, not (key, value) pairs.

0.10.0 (11-13-2014)

  • Add aiohttp.web subpackage for highlevel HTTP server support.

  • Add reason optional parameter to aiohttp.protocol.Response ctor.

  • Fix aiohttp.client bug for sending file without content-type.

  • Change error text for connection closed between server responses from ‘Can not read status line’ to explicit ‘Connection closed by server’

  • Drop closed connections from connector (#173)

  • Set server.transport to None on .closing() (#172)

0.9.3 (10-30-2014)

  • Fix compatibility with asyncio 3.4.1+ (#170)

0.9.2 (10-16-2014)

  • Improve redirect handling (#157)

  • Send raw files as is (#153)

  • Better websocket support (#150)

0.9.1 (08-30-2014)

  • Added MultiDict support for client request params and data (#114).

  • Fixed parameter type for IncompleteRead exception (#118).

  • Strictly require ASCII headers names and values (#137)

  • Keep port in ProxyConnector (#128).

  • Python 3.4.1 compatibility (#131).

0.9.0 (07-08-2014)

  • Better client basic authentication support (#112).

  • Fixed incorrect line splitting in HttpRequestParser (#97).

  • Support StreamReader and DataQueue as request data.

  • Client files handling refactoring (#20).

  • Backward incompatible: Replace DataQueue with StreamReader for request payload (#87).

0.8.4 (07-04-2014)

  • Change ProxyConnector authorization parameters.

0.8.3 (07-03-2014)

  • Publish TCPConnector properties: verify_ssl, family, resolve, resolved_hosts.

  • Don’t parse message body for HEAD responses.

  • Refactor client response decoding.

0.8.2 (06-22-2014)

  • Make ProxyConnector.proxy immutable property.

  • Make UnixConnector.path immutable property.

  • Fix resource leak for aiohttp.request() with implicit connector.

  • Rename Connector’s reuse_timeout to keepalive_timeout.

0.8.1 (06-18-2014)

  • Use case insensitive multidict for server request/response headers.

  • MultiDict.getall() accepts default value.

  • Catch server ConnectionError.

  • Accept MultiDict (and derived) instances in aiohttp.request header argument.

  • Proxy ‘CONNECT’ support.

0.8.0 (06-06-2014)

  • Add support for utf-8 values in HTTP headers

  • Allow to use custom response class instead of HttpResponse

  • Use MultiDict for client request headers

  • Use MultiDict for server request/response headers

  • Store response headers in ClientResponse.headers attribute

  • Get rid of timeout parameter in aiohttp.client API

  • Exceptions refactoring

0.7.3 (05-20-2014)

  • Simple HTTP proxy support.

0.7.2 (05-14-2014)

  • Get rid of __del__ methods

  • Use ResourceWarning instead of logging warning record.

0.7.1 (04-28-2014)

  • Do not unquote client request urls.

  • Allow multiple waiters on transport drain.

  • Do not return client connection to pool in case of exceptions.

  • Rename SocketConnector to TCPConnector and UnixSocketConnector to UnixConnector.

0.7.0 (04-16-2014)

  • Connection flow control.

  • HTTP client session/connection pool refactoring.

  • Better handling for bad server requests.

0.6.5 (03-29-2014)

  • Added client session reuse timeout.

  • Better client request cancellation support.

  • Better handling responses without content length.

  • Added HttpClient verify_ssl parameter support.

0.6.4 (02-27-2014)

  • Log content-length missing warning only for put and post requests.

0.6.3 (02-27-2014)

  • Better support for server exit.

  • Read response body until EOF if content-length is not defined (#14)

0.6.2 (02-18-2014)

  • Fix trailing char in allowed_methods.

  • Start slow request timer for first request.

0.6.1 (02-17-2014)

  • Added utility method HttpResponse.read_and_close()

  • Added slow request timeout.

  • Enable socket SO_KEEPALIVE if available.

0.6.0 (02-12-2014)

  • Better handling for process exit.

0.5.0 (01-29-2014)

  • Allow to use custom HttpRequest client class.

  • Use gunicorn keepalive setting for asynchronous worker.

  • Log leaking responses.

  • python 3.4 compatibility

0.4.4 (11-15-2013)

  • Resolve only AF_INET family, because it is not clear how to pass extra info to asyncio.

0.4.3 (11-15-2013)

  • Allow to wait completion of request with HttpResponse.wait_for_close()

0.4.2 (11-14-2013)

  • Handle exception in client request stream.

  • Prevent host resolving for each client request.

0.4.1 (11-12-2013)

  • Added client support for expect: 100-continue header.

0.4 (11-06-2013)

  • Added custom wsgi application close procedure

  • Fixed concurrent host failure in HttpClient

0.3 (11-04-2013)

  • Added PortMapperWorker

  • Added HttpClient

  • Added TCP connection timeout to HTTP client

  • Better client connection errors handling

  • Gracefully handle process exit


  • Fix packaging