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import asyncio
import logging
from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from import Sized
from http.cookies import BaseCookie, Morsel
from typing import (

from multidict import CIMultiDict
from yarl import URL

from .helpers import get_running_loop
from .typedefs import LooseCookies

if TYPE_CHECKING:  # pragma: no cover
    from .web_app import Application
    from .web_exceptions import HTTPException
    from .web_request import BaseRequest, Request
    from .web_response import StreamResponse
    BaseRequest = Request = Application = StreamResponse = None
    HTTPException = None

[docs]class AbstractRouter(ABC): def __init__(self) -> None: self._frozen = False def post_init(self, app: Application) -> None: """Post init stage. Not an abstract method for sake of backward compatibility, but if the router wants to be aware of the application it can override this. """ @property def frozen(self) -> bool: return self._frozen def freeze(self) -> None: """Freeze router.""" self._frozen = True
[docs] @abstractmethod async def resolve(self, request: Request) -> "AbstractMatchInfo": """Return MATCH_INFO for given request"""
[docs]class AbstractMatchInfo(ABC): @property # pragma: no branch @abstractmethod def handler(self) -> Callable[[Request], Awaitable[StreamResponse]]: """Execute matched request handler""" @property @abstractmethod def expect_handler(self) -> Callable[[Request], Awaitable[None]]: """Expect handler for 100-continue processing""" @property # pragma: no branch @abstractmethod def http_exception(self) -> Optional[HTTPException]: """HTTPException instance raised on router's resolving, or None""" @abstractmethod # pragma: no branch def get_info(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Return a dict with additional info useful for introspection""" @property # pragma: no branch @abstractmethod def apps(self) -> Tuple[Application, ...]: """Stack of nested applications. Top level application is left-most element. """ @abstractmethod def add_app(self, app: Application) -> None: """Add application to the nested apps stack.""" @abstractmethod def freeze(self) -> None: """Freeze the match info. The method is called after route resolution. After the call .add_app() is forbidden. """
[docs]class AbstractView(ABC): """Abstract class based view.""" def __init__(self, request: Request) -> None: self._request = request @property def request(self) -> Request: """Request instance.""" return self._request @abstractmethod def __await__(self) -> Generator[Any, None, StreamResponse]: """Execute the view handler."""
class AbstractResolver(ABC): """Abstract DNS resolver.""" @abstractmethod async def resolve(self, host: str, port: int, family: int) -> List[Dict[str, Any]]: """Return IP address for given hostname""" @abstractmethod async def close(self) -> None: """Release resolver""" if TYPE_CHECKING: # pragma: no cover IterableBase = Iterable[Morsel[str]] else: IterableBase = Iterable ClearCookiePredicate = Callable[["Morsel[str]"], bool]
[docs]class AbstractCookieJar(Sized, IterableBase): """Abstract Cookie Jar.""" def __init__(self, *, loop: Optional[asyncio.AbstractEventLoop] = None) -> None: self._loop = get_running_loop(loop)
[docs] @abstractmethod def clear(self, predicate: Optional[ClearCookiePredicate] = None) -> None: """Clear all cookies if no predicate is passed."""
[docs] @abstractmethod def clear_domain(self, domain: str) -> None: """Clear all cookies for domain and all subdomains."""
[docs] @abstractmethod def update_cookies(self, cookies: LooseCookies, response_url: URL = URL()) -> None: """Update cookies."""
[docs] @abstractmethod def filter_cookies(self, request_url: URL) -> "BaseCookie[str]": """Return the jar's cookies filtered by their attributes."""
class AbstractStreamWriter(ABC): """Abstract stream writer.""" buffer_size = 0 output_size = 0 length: Optional[int] = 0 @abstractmethod async def write(self, chunk: bytes) -> None: """Write chunk into stream.""" @abstractmethod async def write_eof(self, chunk: bytes = b"") -> None: """Write last chunk.""" @abstractmethod async def drain(self) -> None: """Flush the write buffer.""" @abstractmethod def enable_compression(self, encoding: str = "deflate") -> None: """Enable HTTP body compression""" @abstractmethod def enable_chunking(self) -> None: """Enable HTTP chunked mode""" @abstractmethod async def write_headers( self, status_line: str, headers: "CIMultiDict[str]" ) -> None: """Write HTTP headers"""
[docs]class AbstractAccessLogger(ABC): """Abstract writer to access log.""" def __init__(self, logger: logging.Logger, log_format: str) -> None: self.logger = logger self.log_format = log_format
[docs] @abstractmethod def log(self, request: BaseRequest, response: StreamResponse, time: float) -> None: """Emit log to logger."""